Decorating A Dorm Room

If you’re a college student, living in a dorm room and sharing space is a big part of your college experience. As a student, it is a place where you will spend most of all your time when you’re not in a class. You can make it a fun experience by making some smart interior decor decisions. The first step is to choose room accessories, bedding and artwork that you love. Surrounding yourself with things you love is a great way to start your dorm decor.

Many college dorms have rules about painting the walls and mounting photos and artwork but everyday room accessories like extra long twin comforters can help you in designing a stylish room. Think of extra long twin comforters, pillowcases, rugs and even storage bins and crates as decorative objects. These things are essential for furnishing your dorm room and they double as decorative objects as they are available in a wide range of colors and patterns.


Start with your bed. As it takes a major portion of your dorm space, covering the bed with a cute comforter is a great idea. Polka dots, bright colors, bold florals and tie-dye are some of the trendy options for comforters widely available with dorm decor stores. Opt for a reversible comforter so you get two patterns in one comforter so you can change the look of your bed easily. When it comes to bedding for dorms, choose extra long twin comforters and twin XL sheets and shams. Most dorm room beds are twin XL, which are a little bigger than standard XL beds.

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Mixing and matching comforters or quilts with sheets, shams and accent pillows becomes easier with bedding bundles for girls. Log on to teen decor store sites that let you create bedding bundles for girls by choosing from their collection of sheets, comforters and quilts. Add accent pillows, extra sheets, blankets and a throw to the standard bedding bundles for girls. The pillows and throws help to personalize your dorm space while the extra sheets and blankets are necessary as you may not get much time for doing the laundry.

Besides bedding, an area rug is also a great stylish dorm accessory. It easily incorporates color and pattern into dorm room decor and can be packed away when it’s time to move. Look for cool options such as a textured rug in floral or medallion pattern. Typography rugs are a cool dorm decor trend and they are come in bright colors with stylish fonts. Choose rugs that are washable or easy to vacuum so they are easy to care for.







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