Decorate Your New Conservatory

Decorate your new conservatory and transform it in to a popular room to enjoy year round by all of the family. Perhaps you already have a solid plan of how to decorate your new conservatory – what your conservatory will be used for; a chill out zone? Kid’s area? Sun room? Or maybe it is simply a welcomed extra space for you to play around with? Whatever your vision; there’s no doubt that your conservatory will become a hot spot for all kinds of activities, just as your dining table is perhaps used as a come-desk, come-laundry station just as your kitchen is a space for socializing.


With this in mind, it is important to consider the realities of decorating your new conservatory in order to fully enjoy the benefits it has to offer and not let it become another lost room doomed for dumping clutter in and a dreaded place to enter.



1. Ensure that your windows and doors are double glazed. To comfortably use your conservatory year round, double glazing will ensure that the warmth from your room is locked in; creating a snug environment.

2. Take advantage of the natural light in your new room; keep furniture, fittings and any paintwork or wallpaper bright and simple to reflect the airy atmosphere.

3. Choose blinds that are easy to adjust in order to shade the heat of sun at severe times of the day, but also to trap in the warmth in the evenings and during the colder months.

4. Make your conservatory day or night friendly; position lamps around the room, fit fairy lights to the borders and even use candles to create an ambient, cosy setting for evenings.

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5. Remember that your conservatory is a potential portal in to your home; muddy feet, dirty shoes and wet pets may all pass through your new room. Choose your flooring carefully!

6. Conservatories are a fantastic way of enjoying the outdoors during the colder months, so take advantage of this opportunity and install central heating, radiators or a portable heater to decorate your new conservatory and transform in to a snug den for the whole family in winter.

7. Select your furniture carefully when decorate your new conservatory; it should be practical yet comfortable. Beanbags and easy-to-move small chairs and tables are ideal so that you can adjust the surroundings to cater for different situations in your home.


1. Overpower your conservatory with dark colors or furniture. This will retract from the natural beauty of your outdoorsy room plus; dark furnishings may become hot when left in the sunlight, not to mention, faded.

2. Clutter your new conservatory. Decorate your new conservatory simply and spaciously to really enjoy the airiness it has to offer.

3. Introduce leather furniture in to your conservatory. In the hot months, leather will become hot and sticky to sit on; in the cold months it will be icy and unwelcoming.







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