Decor Trends For Fall/Winter 2015/2016

Decor Trends For Fall/Winter 2015/2016 – It’s the best time to begin thinking about ways to freshen up your rooms that you’ll be seeing a lot of once the weather grows chill and evening falls early.

Colors of the summer evolving into deeper, Southwestern hues like terracotta, dusty rose citron, pale pumpkin, deep salmon, and smoky French and teal blues. Fall 2015 brings nature-inspired hues like spruce, smoke, pond and shell pink with a range of bold color statements and patterns to reflect a landscape of hope, fun, fantasy and all things natural. The popular home decor trends 2015 has been the exquisite use of earth tones, gray and khaki, metallic hues and accents to infuse energy into a setting. This style statement is set to continue even into 2016, and winter is the perfect time to stock up on glitter to add additional pomp to the holiday festivities.

Yellows become more winterized, darker and more ochre led. Black and yellow has always been a hot combination (or you can try with blue and gold), but this winter, replace classic yellow with the radiance of gold.


The color of the winter will be blue. All shades of blue will be present in the projects of the top interior designers all over the world and there are already some room ideas for a blue room design. On a living room there are many ways to use blue. This living room has a blue sofa and other blue details in the design pieces. A great way to use blue in the living room decoration is with pillows. This way there’s no need to change the entire room design of the living and can be added just some decorative details.

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Use trendy shades of gray. Charcoal gray is indeed ideal for shaping snug interiors as the landscape outside the window turns to white. A touch darker than most other shades of gray, it still works beautifully with other bold accent colors.


You’ll notice the pale, neutral color finding its way into furniture and lighting trends for fall/winter 2015, too. There’s a wonderful simplicity at play this year in terms of shapes and finishes. Nothing is too elaborate or over-embellished. Small details like frills, tassels and cable knit will shine in soft furnishings.


Danish brand Bloomingville fall/winter 2015 collection

Bold, geometric patterns have been evident in home textiles of all shapes and sizes. That’s not to say that geometrics are out altogether, but they’re definitely going to be a lot calmer in terms of hue. A playful approach to geometric shapes and facets brings a new sense of space and proportion to objects and interiors.

decor2015 gold-accessories

Enjoy the fall season with country or casual accents. Get homemade artwork, organic fabric, and wooden accessories. Find cozy blankets to add texture and comfort to many spaces. Fall is the time to rotate your homewares and bring a few more pieces into the mix. The change in weather, the increase in grey skies and the pitter patter of rain all call for a more subdued color palette indoors.

ceterra ceterra1

Home décor accents by CeTerra Interior Design

Wood home accessories becoming prominent this fall, too. This allows interiors to become a little more rustic but there’s still a sense of simplicity. Bring the outdoors in by gathering woodsy items from your own backyard, finding them at your local home decorating store or farmers’ market, or buying them online. Look for small twigs and branches, pinecones, moss, and leaves. Place any combination of them in fancy pots, interesting vases, wooden trays, rustic lanterns, or hand woven baskets.

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Beautiful metallic tiles

fall-decor2 gold-black


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