Dark Colors In Small Spaces

Dark Colors In Small Spaces – When it comes to small spaces people usually say that white is the right color. Today, modern interior designers challenge this theory, which has proved efficient in the past, but a little bit outdated. Deep colors are becoming increasingly popular in houses and offices, despite the fact that some people are still a little bit reluctant in using them. There are dark colors that work in small spaces, because it’s not only about color; it’s also about what complements the color and the scheme of the room: furniture, lights, windows, mirrors and textiles.

Dark colors in small spaces can be sometimes surprising to hear; brown, chocolate brownish, blue, scarlet and purple are just a few of the colors used today in small living spaces.

The truth is that most of these colors give you the impression of something dark, but on the other hand when properly placed, they can create a very warming and inviting result, something that will make a huge difference when it comes to small spaces. The small space has more potential to be and feel welcoming and warm, compared to a larger space; some layers of dark colors can actually accentuate this feeling of warmth.


The keyword related to dark colors that work in small spaces is shades. When playing with dark colors in a room, you actually create the right shades that will enhance the nice feeling of the room. If you paint one wall in a dark scarlet color and you allow a flood of natural light in, the result will be more than gorgeous. It will be stunning. You don’t need to paint an entire room the same color. You can keep the remaining walls white and add a touch of dark color in the one wall; that will create an antithesis in the room, something that will add to its charm.


Dark colors that work in small spaces are not supposed to be used only in main rooms; in fact, using them in small hallways and corridors, or even small bathrooms. The result can be breathtaking and dramatic, even if the room is not rich in natural light; adding a small lamp or smartly placing a light in the room can change completely your perception about the room and make you love the dark tones even more. Especially if you combine the dark colors with lighter furniture, you will be amazed with the result and the easiness that it will bring to your environment.

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A smart idea is to create contrast; usually, when you have light pieces of furniture, coloring your walls in dark colors will make the room more intriguing. If you are planning to use some light fabrics, paint the wall in a warm dark color, creating a very even and balanced result. Keep in mind that dark colors that work in small spaces are usually the glossy ones, because they can reflect more light and can add a touch of elegance to every room as well.

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