Curtain as a decorative and transparent door


Usually people call it the curtain. Accessories room consisting of a series of beads of various materials can make room in the house became more stylish. Ordinary residents hang curtains instead of blinds series. Curtain rails can also be installed on the door frame, thereby becoming “a transparent door.”

“In addition to being the curtain, often also serve as a divider (dividing) space with one other room,” said interior designer from Orange Design Dwi D Noviantoro.

Houses in the ancient times was often makes this room as a curtain accessories. Therefore, a series of beaded curtains were deliberately left hanging and mounted parallel. This makes the curtain of beads strung tinkling sound when bypassed people. As for now, the curtain has begun to be formed by way of “framed”. In a sense, a series of curtains tied so that the entire chain of beads collected in a single bond.

Curtains can also be used as a room divider room divider to replace the bulkhead. “Usually the room divider made of bamboo or woven material roots of rattan with a massive form. So this curtain could be an alternative choice,” advises Dwi who familiarly called Atox.

Right now the curtain is more often “framed” in a solid form so that the (solid). “If you want more solid again, made into a curtain backdrop in the living room wall, but still a way framed,” he said.

Installation of curtain in the house more to the taste of the owner. No matter whether the curtain is installed in public spaces, such as living room, or hung in a private room, for example in the bedroom.

However, coloring (coloring) into things that need to be a concern when installing this curtain. Instead, you attach the color of the curtains that matched the color of the room. If you want to “hit-and-color”, you should still consider the overall composition of colors in the room.

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In a classic house, installation of the curtain was not too concerned with aspects of interior design. Typically, the curtain directly installed without any special modifications. “Typically left hanging, while the curtains in the room in modern style house, typically exhibited by the style of” frame “and strung from beads that simple,” said Dwi.

The materials are often found to string up the blinds are usually made from shellfish shells are formed. There is also a strung curtains of glass beads.

“If using acrylic, the longer the color is more dull, but durable. The glass beads rather old (may break), but nicer sheen, especially when clashing tintinnabulation will come out,” said Dina Estha Lesthari, craft beads also been made curtains.

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