Creative Window Covering Ideas

Creative Window Covering Ideas – There is no simpler or dramatic way to totally transform the look of a room than to change the window coverings. You can do this by buying new Venetian blinds or window shades but probably the cheapest way is to simply change the curtains.

One the least expensive window coverings is achieved by simply removing the current curtain rod and replacing it with a new one. You can forget about buying rails and all that jazz. The simplest and most modern looking window coverings are simply swaths of fabric that hang from pinch clips.


Pinch clips are hoops, which like clothespins, grip the edge of the fabric and allow you to hang any kind of drape or material (hemmed or unhemmed) from the curtain rods. One very popular look is to simply buy a very fancy wrought iron or aluminum rod and then hang white hemmed sheets from it that have been hemmed. You still get that romantic billowing look without the expense of spending money on prefabricated drapes. You can also sew your own drapes using any fabric that tickles your fancy, including eyelet, cotton, satin, velvet or sheers. Many fabric stores also sell ropes, tassels and ribbons that can be used as tiebacks for the curtains.


There are also curtains and window coverings available that don’t require any type of clip. These curtains come with fabric loops that easily slide along the curtain. These curtains, which come in a variety of designs and fabrics, are very inexpensive but you can also make your own by attaching your own loops to fabric. One handy feature is to have each fabric curtain loop fastened with buttons or Velcro to make the curtain easy to remove from the rod for washing.

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You can also make your own window coverings out of specialty papers. These are transparent window blinds that are made from rice paper. Some of these papers are absolutely beautiful and feature details such as glitter, leaves or threads pressed right into mesh of the paper fibers. To make the curtain all you have to do is attach it to pinch clips. If you buy these in the store they are usually quite expensive especially if they are decorated with a motif pattern or a design as they are considered to be a bit haute couture.

Another way to personalize your décor is to paint your Venetian blinds. Simply take a stencil and spray-paint one solid design on the closed Venetian blinds. A stencil of a favorite motif or symbol and a can of spray-paint can also be used to embellish simple roll down blinds as well.


Always remember that your window coverings can help make the style of your room look more casual or more formal depending on what style you use. The more fabric, swags and pleats there are to your curtains, the more formal the room will look. The simpler your window treatment is, as would be the case with rice paper roll blinds or a single sheer hung from a curtain rod, the less formal the entire effect will be.



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