Creative Ways To Use The Rope In Home Decorating

Creative ways to use the rope in home decorating – A new craft trend across the Internet and magazines is to use rope, both indoors and for garden design, as a substitute for traditional materials and as a way to use natural materials in home decor. Rope is being used as staircase railings, for fences, and to hang pictures, as well as many more creative ways to use rope in home decorating.

The beauty of using natural rope in the home decorating is enormous. And if you live at the coast you will have even more rope options to choose from. For example, the natural rope for decorating furniture adds rustic charm to your room.


Monkey knot

Celtic knots are another way to turn rope into creative home decor. There are plenty of instructions for the different types of celtic knots, and you can pick and choose the ones you like to create unique home accessories. You can use celtic knots for placemats, table runners, wall decor and even door mats.

celtic-knot-home decor

Celtic knots used for door mat

Monkey knots are easy once you get the hang of it. You will find plenty of instructions for making monkey knots, so why not give it a try. You’ll be amazed at how many DIY projects can be made using monkey knots.

Try this simple way to hang shelves in front of a window to let the light shine through. This shelf is easy to make using simple timber and natural rope.


Creative ideas for using rope in the bathroom decorating allow you to make your unique and inexpensive bathroom accessories. Towel rails threaded over cuphooks fastened to the wall or molding add a nautical theme to a plain bathroom.

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rope-towel-holder1 rope-towel-holder2


Say goodbye to water rings all over your table and add a touch of summer style to your table with these cute rope coasters.


Replace plastic bins and ugly containers with attractive storage bins for the home. Use food coloring to dye cotton rope if you want to add color or leave it natural. Use a hot glue gun to secure rope to bins or containers.

If you want to make baskets or rope bowls from scratch using only rope, sew the rope together using embroidery thread and a long needle.


Use natural rope to cover up a dated chandelier, light fitting or table lamp. Use rope and a hot glue gun to transform an ugly chandelier into a trendy fittings.

rope-chandelier-ideas rope-table-lamp

And there are many more DIY rope projects for the home decorating:


Rope drawer pulls


Rope mirrors



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