Create An Anxiety-Free Living Space

Create An Anxiety-Free Living Space – We’re living in an age when stress and anxiety is a common thing and our thoughts never leave our mind in peace. You can fight a big part of all this anxiety by creating an anxiety free living space, a home that emits tranquility and calmness, positivity and optimism. How to do that?

1. All rooms are important

If some rooms in your house are not decorated because you never had the time, you will find yourself to close the doors of these rooms every time you have visitors. You might not realize it at that moment but those rooms create extra stress.

When some rooms in your home are not part of the aesthetic of the whole house, it creates an awful feeling which you simply can’t explain. Pay close attention to all rooms by decorating and giving them the necessary style.


2. Confront the clutter

How do you feel every time you’re in a hurry to leave but you can’t find the keys, your sunglasses or you cellphone? This stressful search of your things when you’re in a hurry, adds to your anxiety and worries. Organize your things better so you won’t have these little problems. Place a beautiful bowl next to your door and throw in there your keys every time you walk in. Prepare a small cabinet with shelves or drawers so you know where each item is at any time.

3. Get rid of all bad memories

It’s a common thing to keep old memorable items, gifts from friends and furniture that take you back in time. If those items that you keep generate bad memories, than those memories intrude your unconscious mind, bringing your psychology down. Get rid of all physical things that remind you of periods of your life that you just want to forget.

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4. Select the right colors

Colors affect our psychology. Studies show that a color can change the temperature of our body but also our mood. It can alter our mood in a way that increases or decreases our energy. Pay attention to different colors when you walk in various interior spaces. Which colors relaxes you or make you feel great? Based on that criteria choose the shades that have that calmness effect on you.

5. Find your slogan

Everyone has in mind a phrase that gives us energy, that motivates us and keep us active. Even if you haven’t got a slogan do a little research and find an ideal phrase or word that expresses you and pushes you into a healthier life. Create a decorative canvas by using your slogan and place it on a wall that you can see every day. A great spot to place it is across your bed in your bedroom so you can see it first thing in the morning and last thing at night before you close the lights.


6. Bring nature in your home

We are connected to nature from the day we were born. Nature exists within us to calm us and it’s wise to add in our home as well. Add some plants, flowers, pots and other decoration elements which are based on wood or water. For example you can try mini water fountains which make a great feng shui.

7. Fill with oxygen the atmosphere of your living space

Place plants to fill with oxygen the space and make sure to open the windows everyday so clean air intrudes the interior of your home. Each morning remember to take big breaths from the open windows before you begin your day.

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plants home-plants

8. Create your favorite fun spaces

If you’re into board games than make a place in your home to place your board games. If you like reading than create a nice library with a comfortable armchair to use only when you want to immerse you self into your favorite books. Find what you enjoy doing to relax or to have fun, and create the corresponding spaces in your home.


As you can see it doesn’t take a lot of effort to organize your home in a way that eliminates anxiety. Take small steps at a time to improve the decoration and style of your living spaces. To serve you in a way that will improve your psychology. Simply things mean a lot but in our busy everyday lives we tend to forget about those simple things that helps us relax and enjoy spending time at home.


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