Create a Tropical Area Inside a House

Lush green forests, sandy beaches and glorious sunshine, it is doubtless that nothing could be better than a tropical place to live in. Well, if your house is not located in a tropical area, simply create a tropical area inside your house. With few simple additions, your customized tropical area of your home can be a great source of relaxation and beauty.

Let us discover various ways through which you can create a tropical area inside a house:

1) Firstly, you need to work out a layout. If you already have a greenhouse space, atrium or large bathroom or kitchen, which is not used then the task will be a lot easier. The more space you have, the better it is, because besides installing indoor plants, you will also be able to create a sitting area for relaxation. Renovations may be required according to the purpose.

2) Assure that the selected room has access to drain and water if you wish to create an indoor greenhouse. You will have to install adequate lighting fixtures such as UV lamps along with a heat regulator.


3) Besides being attractive, your room should also be hygienic especially when there are a large number of plants. Flooring surfaces such as metal, stone, sealed tile like that of bathrooms, laundry and kitchen would be perfect.

tropical plants

4) For the style of the room, select polished wood, fabrics, rich colors and brass and incorporate varied decorative tropical things in the room. For conservative displays, it is best to install benches near the wall space. A bench in the center may be used for prime display. This is ideal for bonsai, orchid, cacti and other flowering plants. If you appreciate large shrubs such as palms and hibiscus then display them at the back of the display and place the smaller plants at the front.

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tropical plants1

5) Decide on the number of the plants that are going to live in the room. You may use individual pots of varied sizes or opt for half barrel or a large trough. If you want to impart a garden like look, then opt for large trough, or else it is better to go for individual pots as you can move them to areas with lights.

6) Lastly, you need to install your potting arrangement or plants. Evaluate the style and adjust accordingly to suit the good hygienic and practical needs.

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