Cowboy Chic With Cowhide Dining Chairs

Cowhide dining chairs are more than simply beautiful additions to the space. They are practical and durable, as well as elegant. The material is naturally tough, with the ability to be tear and puncture resistant, as well as having the natural tendency to repel moisture. The flexibility of the hide allows for the style of dining chair to be easily accommodated, while the color and design of the fabric lends itself to coordination with other aspects of a dining room design. Whether the style of the room is western, traditional or old world in nature, cowhide dining chairs will fit right in.


Cowhide is a natural material that has the ability to withstand heavy use, while maintaining the luxurious look and feel of soft leather. When compared to other leathers, it has been shown to be better at resisting cracking, which can detract from the beauty of the furniture. It has been shown to age very well, often up to 5 times longer than traditional fabric.


Sun and heat are no match for cowhide, and as a result, fading and stiffness of the leather is not a problem. As a result, cowhide is often used for more heavily used furniture such as couches, and is even often used as rugs in heavily trafficked rooms. Cowhide dining chairs therefore will maintain their shape and beauty for many years to come.


The color of the hide can vary. Naturally colored skins would include black and white, brown, brindle, or even a reddish color, depending upon the breed of cow. However, the skins can be dyed to taste, whether as a single color, or even to match other animal pelts like tigers or zebras. The variety of colors and patterns that are available can add warmth, texture and a sense of fun to any dining area. The darker colors with simple wood trim may provide a more masculine look, but zebra patterns and more ornate accessories can lighten the room’s mood, making it more feminine.


Whitmire Parson Fabric Dining Chair, $238.00, The Home Depot

When ‘cowboy chic’ is the desired style, cowhide provides the necessary element. However, mixing styles can create a rustic elegance that would enhance any home décor.

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Cowhide dining chairs can provide a durable and versatile addition to any décor, providing the ultimate in style and elegance. Whether the desired result is masculine, cowboy chic, feminine, traditional or old world, cowhide dining chairs can be the perfect answer to completing the look.


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