Corbett Lighting For The Living Room

Corbett Lighting For The Living Room – Living room is the most noticed room of your house. It’s the first room that everyone entering your home sees, it’s the gathering area for friends and family, it’s also the room where your family spends most of its time.

Appropriate lighting in the living room not only accentuates the furnishings and décor but also brings out its characteristic feel and look. And if you are looking at lighting options to match your home décor, products by Corbett Lighting are a great choice.


Venetian 9 Light Chandelier with Glass

Corbett Lighting – For exquisite illumination

Corbett Lighting offers an extensive range of illumination merchandise for residential, commercial and hospitality markets. They are distinguished for their brilliant craftsmanship, resolute manufacturing standards, usage of unique materials, and commitment to quality.

Corbett Lighting is today a renowned name in the lighting industry. They were also honored at the 22nd and 23rd Annual ARTS Award Gala with the “Lighting Manufacturer of the Year” Award.


The Fathom pendant from Corbett is a hand-crafted iron globe comprised of tiny circles with convex crystal disks, clear crystal lenses and open spaces. In spite of its size it appears light and airy.

Lights to use in the living room

There are mainly two types of lights that work best in your living room space:

Chandeliers: The most classic lighting fixture, chandelier, fills up the void of the room. Chandelier, because of its multi-point illumination, provides a soft sparkling effect to the room.

Sconces: These lighting fixtures are attached to the walls, typically in pairs. Sconces are usually used to define a room’s focal point.

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Corbett Lighting Embrace Chandelier

Lighting ideas for the living room

To balance the lighting, highlight specifics, and eliminate shadows from the corners, create layers of light in your living room. Below are ideas on using a combination of Corbett Lighting chandeliers, lamps, sconces to transform your living space:

Task lighting: For living rooms that are much in use, task lighting is what you should opt. As the focus is on the reading area, the central source of light and built-in lights on the ceiling direct illuminance on the focal point.

From Corbett Lighting’s extensive collection, you could choose the Geisha, Vamp, or Vertigo sconces with Amadeus, Cesto, or Crescendo chandeliers.


‘Geisha’ sconces

Ambient lighting: This provides an overall illuminated area with balanced lighting – a central source of light complemented by sconces, wall-mounted lanterns, recessed or track lights.

Corbett lighting offers a number of product options here – Modernist, Chime, or Meteor chandeliers matched with sconces like Pipe Dream, Regatta, or Tivoli.

Accent lighting: It is perfect if you want to add drama to the room by creating visual interest. Focus light of a sconce or wall fixture on a plant, painting, or any other prized possession. Add three times the light to the focal point as the lights surrounding it.

Match the Flirt, Graffiti, Harlow, or Fathom central pieces with fixtures like Femme Fatale, Inertia, Mambo, or Romeo; from lightings by Corbett.

Femme Fatale-Corbett

‘Femme Fatale’ sconces

Some handy tips

Take note of the following when choosing lighting fixtures for your home:

1. Pay attention to the size proportion of the fixture in the room.

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2. Create continuity in your home by using same/similar fixtures in adjoining rooms.

3. Make sure your lights are placed as such that they do not create too much shadow.


‘Regatta’ Chandelier by Corbett Lighting

4. Ensure that all lighting fixtures follow a design pattern or flow of thought.

Changing the lighting will change the whole appearance of your living room by adding a bit of glamour, shine and drama to it. Use fixtures by Corbett Lighting to complete the look.

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