Cool Living Room Without Air Conditioning

The house is cool and comfortable to be the dream of all people, but the coolness naturally or cool with air conditioning? There are 5 ways that can be used to make your house cool without air conditioning to cool naturally in other words, namely:

First, maximize and ventilation openings. To create a comfortable home, cool, as well as healthy, good air circulation flow into an absolute requirement.  If you are still confused to set the house ventilation should ask for ideas to architectural consultant services you use in the construction of your home.


Second, minimize the entry of the afternoon sun. Sunlight can be a factor affecting the increase in room temperature. Way, complete with a window shade that will help reduce the amount of light entering.

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Third, create a distance high enough ceiling to floor. Distance ceiling and the floor is 2.75 m-4m. Ceiling height to provide enough space for circulation and exchange of air.

Fourth, use heat reflecting roof material, such as ceramic tiles. In this case you should ask the opinion of experts such as home consultant, architectural consultant, design consultant home or your home interior consultant.


Fifth, create a pool or garden in an area of the house (innercourt) which helps lower the temperature of the room. In order not to make the air in the room became humid, balance with the incoming sunlight.

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