Convertible Sofas Design

Convertible Sofas Design – We can save the environment by selecting correct piece of furniture. If your furniture is made from recycled materials then this has a positive contribution from your end because buying a sleeper sofa that is not made of recyclable material will eventually end up adding to the world pollution.

If you have huge and heavy sofas and beds, the room will give a congested look. So isn’t it better to have the furniture that covers less space or helps to create more space? For this reason convertible sofas are a very good option. These sofas are convenient and help create more space in a small room.

But the question is how can you save energy by using convertible sofas? It depends, that where you live! If you are living in a warm place, avoid choosing warm material for your sofa, get soft and light material. For example if you have thick fabric like wool or suede on your sofa, it will absorb more heat and will urge you to turn on the AC or fan even if the season is not yet there. So instead of wool, leather and suede go for cotton. Cotton gives light and fresh feel in summers. And the same way in cold places, if you have heat absorbing material on your convertible sofa you can save the energy by not turning on the heater, because these warm fabrics like velvet and wool make the room look and feel warmer and cozy.

Moody – Space Saving Convertible Sofa, multipurpose furniture by UNAMO

Now if we talk about color, it is also a good point. Dark colors like black, red or burgundy give a warm effect, so having warm colors help you to reduce the use of heaters. And use of light and fresh colors like off white, lemon and beige give a soothing and cool effect. Dark colors make the room darker and you would turn on the light before the time. Comfort sleepers are available in so many choices of materials and colors that you can conveniently choose the ones for your home and save on your electricity bill just by doing that.

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Accessories on the convertible sofa should be selected wisely, for example do not put lots of cushions on your sofa in warmer place or in summers. When you wash your sofa fabric use the detergent that is not very strong because strong chemicals are not environment friendly.

Regal Convertible Sofa, available at for under $500

Castiel Sleeper Sofa

Tellima convertible sofa

Marit queen convertible sofa by Scandis

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