Contemporary Wodden Cottage by Superkul Architects

This cottage designed by Superkul Architects, built with wooden material, on the walls and floors. This house is situated on a rock, with a cedar deck folds down to meet the rock. As the outdoor living spaces, including a contained children’s play area and a private outdoor shower. The bedroom with window openings, allow views to the trees behind and the water in front. And the kids bedroom equiped with small bunk bed.

Cottage located on the edge of a Precambrian granite island, with materials made of wood, making a contrasting mood. Located in Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada, in the open, no trees, this cottage is a passive light, ventilation and cooling, and the use of natural materials locally and leave most of the countries that have not finished their leaving a trail of smaller ones.

Line graphics and highlight their contrasting wind-shaped trees and washed granite, while the mass of the cabin to imitate that of the rock formations in which he sat. Spaces that live in the volume closest to the beach, bedroom, contrary to the trees. The cottage is passively lit, ventilated and cooled, and the use of local and natural materials left largely in their unfinished states leaves a smaller footprint.





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