Contemporary Italian Home Decorating

Contemporary Italian Home Decorating – Are you thinking about Italian home decorating? Are you looking for a way to transform your living space into contemporary Italian home? If you wish to look for a contemporary Italian home design theme throughout your location, you do want to consider the overall options you have…

Colors in Italian home decorating

No matter if you are going with an Italian home decorating method or you are going for ultra modern, color plays a role. You will want to look for quality products and avoid patterns that do not work as they may be too busy for the space.

Colors should be bold like blues, reds and oranges. You also want to accent the pieces of color with blacks, dark browns and gray. Some patterns will work with a modern interior design, but you may want to stick with having a very clean line and you do not want anything too busy.


Living room designing

You will find that the flat screen television has really helped to transfer the modern look of a home into that of a home theater. It offers a sleek and contemporary feel to it. There is no fuss, there is nothing but clean lines. If you wish to finish off this look and keep it as modern as possible, place the television into the wall, securing it as provided by the manufacturer, or you can use an anchored pedestal entertainment center that is made of glass, wood and steel. You will want to continue this look throughout the room. Remove the comfortable overstuffed recliner and instead add in materials that add to this look such as metals, sleek looking wood and chrome. Look at angles and shapes within the room for that modern feel.

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Also think about the texture of the room. You want textures to come through in the rugs you place on the floor, the curtains that you hang and other linens you place throughout the room. Each piece should contribute to the contemporary Italian home decorating design.

You will want to continue the look through everything you add including adding glass tables, adding metals to frame artwork or even as the studs on chairs. These details will provide you with the best possible outcome.


Contemporary loft by Marco Dellatorre


Milanese residence designed by Vincenzo De Cotiis Architects


Brek Wardrobe Systems by Jesse


Altana Palazzo Pucci in Florence designed by Gae Aulenti


 Italian countryside residence (designers: Iryna Dzhemesiuk & Vitaliy Yurov)


Modern TV wall unit, Momentoitalia

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