Contemporary Czech Glass

The Czech glass is without doubt phenomenon not only within history of glass making but even in context of whole world culture.Although history of glass making in Czech lands is not as long as in countries that were part of classical civilization in Roman times, Czech glass at least since 18th century is considered a part of European cultural heritage.

Cosmopolitan environment of Central Europe and permanent competition between numerous glass producers were the main reason why glass makers working in territory of current Czech Republic have always sought ways how to improve quality and attractiveness of their products. They have used and invented a plenty of hot and cold techniques of glass making and refinement and tried to keep in touch with contemporary art styles and changing aesthetic canons.


Contemporary Czech glass is based on respect for tradition and unique background of top quality craftsmanship, technology and education. There are tens or maybe hundreds of glass artists in Czech Republic at the moment. Regular or occasional meetings, exhibitions, symposiums, seminars, and competitions have been essential parts of the life of Czech glass community.

Today Czech glass artists are amongst the world’s leaders in this field, with their innovative and creative vision coupled with a strong technical understanding of the material. Czech glass art is principally a combination of sculptural and graphic expression.

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