Contemporary Bedroom Ideas

Contemporary bedroom ideas – How to create a beautiful and contemporary looking bedroom? Here are few advices how to design a contemporary bedroom.
1. Simplicity from top to the bottom

This bedroom has a good lightning with big windows from ceiling to the floor. A good lightning is one of the major characteristics of modern design. Simple sheets with cushions in various designs and sizes, make the space tranquil and pleasant. An elegant dividing panel in neutral colors can separate bed from the rest of the room.

2. Combination of styles

This bedroom is a great example of modern and traditional combo. Here you can notice subtle notes of traditional style on the bedding with stripes and flowers. Padded panel on the bed giving the room a contemporary touch.

3. Calming corner

For the contemporary art you don’t have to be bold. Contemporary bedroom style can be successfully achieved with simple lines, neutral colors and two cute lamps.

4. Freshness

Simplicity of the colors and lines can define your bedroom style. Neutral colors with two chairs in this combination can help to create your own bespoke bedroom. Instead of putting the chest at the bottom of the bed, move it a little bit further and make a new place to relax and enjoy the nature.

5. Accent on decor

The patterns can be terrifying, but also inviting too. Black and white variations can make a room wider, if you use them on bedding and walls.

6. Reliable color

This bedroom is all about the warmth of the color. Design is accented with colors and patterns, especially on cushions. You can also use contrasting colors on the edges of the bed, while neutral colors should be saved for carpets, bedding, sofa and wall decorations.

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7. Pure elegance

This room has a calming color palette of brown, light blue and white. The warm brown color on the bed panel and cushions gives the bedroom warm feeling.

8. Classic and comfort

In this pleasant and modest bedroom, beige tones are combined with brown and blue shades. The interesting detail is dividing panel that give the space intimate feeling. On the other side there are table and chairs and a sofa, just to increase the feeling of relaxation.

9. Dark colors create an elegancy

This is the masculine bedroom style. The men will love it, especially those who want to impress a woman. Dark wood and modern furniture in the whole room are reminiscence of penthouses. A big picture above the bed gives the room a personal touch and focal point.

10. Bring the nature in your bedroom

Contemporary style is in any aspect of this room: walls, floor and furniture. Natural wooden elements bring the warmth and beauty of the nature in its minimalist style. To create a contrast and push up the contemporary style, here is a white table.

11. Compliance colors

Contemporary style is mostly visible in contrasts of textures and colors. This room is focused on thick and primary lines, as well as shapes and colors of contemporary style. Dark color of the wall is perfect for the modern and quirky art piece.

12. Minimalism

In contemporary interior design ‘less is more’. Neutral space colored in white with few dark blue details. Above the bed is a small niche that is a perfect space for few decorative elements. In this case there’s no room for nightstands, but room looks excellent in its minimalist decor.

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13. Combination of brown and green colors

Dark walls are very contrasting in this space. White bedding with green details makes room quiet and relaxing. There’s a shelving space for books and small decorative objects. The design is completed with retro-style chair.

14. The color of chocolate

Dark, chocolate color walls with white edges are accents for straight lines. Earthy colors are dominant in this room, and bright yellow nightstands are perfect contemporary detail.

15. Windows instead walls

It may sound unusual, but the wall made of curtains can be very nice addition to your bedroom. Here, three sides of the room are in full size windows with curtains that visually replace the windows. The bed is in the middle of the room, in combination of white and brown. The wicker chest for cushions and bedding is on the bottom of the bed. A special look to this room give two modern lamps on each side of the bed.

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