Colour Trends 2011

From cheerful and inspiring shades to evergreen neutral and earthy tones, colours at home are set to take a positive turn in the next 12 months.


Earthbound neutral colours are a perennial favourite and have become ever more significant as the world embraces sustainable living. Unlike last year’s deep browns and strong greys, the new year sees the emergent of a more relaxed neutral palette that results in a modern Zen-inspired look.

Subtle shades like taupe make the perfect backdrop for reds and oranges, while light greys become the must-have space-creating shade for homes everywhere. The rule of thumb is pure and fresh, not dull and dreary, and always aim for cool, calm and quiet as the finishing result.



Lightly-tinted jewelled tones are the ideal shade for creating an sophisticated yet trendy atmosphere. Colour variations are closer to nature’s precious gems, such as emerald greens, sapphire blues and mineral violets with turquoises and teals thrown into the mix. These colours speak of understated luxury and you are welcome to add accents of gold, bronze and silver for added measure.



Colours for 2011 will also pay homage to culture, where shades are traced back to the roots of heritage. The Oriental-inspired theme is one of the main focuses but instead of bold, vivacious shades, colours take a softer, more grounded route with warm and comforting reds and vibrant yet gentle coral oranges. These colours nevertheless make a statement when used at home so remember to practise restraint as less is always more.

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As colours are noticeably influenced by current affairs, the muted mood of last year has given way to a more optimistic palette that echoes the positive outlook in the next 12 months. Uplifting pastels and cheerful candy tones signify a fresh, brand new day with light citrus yellows taking the lead as the colour of the year, as predicted by major paint manufacturers such as Dulux and Nippon Paints.


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