Colorful & Comfy Small Apartment

Before the renovation this apartment was a open space with a one multi-purpose room.The decorator was redesigned this apartment. Lets check Colorful Interior Redesign 40 Square Meter Apartment Comfy.

The best way of zoning is color. It’s really cool when one color can be found in different parts of the room but in various proportions. At this apartment the brightest part is the dining area. Its walls are colored in purple. As you can see the carpet in a kitchen, some upholstery and some small details in a bedroom and a bathroom share this color.

The kitchen is separated from the dining room with a sliding partition that doesn’t occupy any space but makes the excellent zoning job. The similar partition separates the bedroom with the living room. Cabinets in the living room have a large glazing area and looks almost weightless. That makes the whole structure looks like simple shelves but there isn’t any dust on books and other side inside.






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