Color Trends In Interior Design 2013

Using colors in your interior design is a surefire way to give your home an updated and fresh appearance, and many of the chosen colors make an incredible statement in a room. Here are a few examples of how the colors for upcoming spring 2013 can make an impact on your interior design.

Pantone, the color powerhouse, is well-known for releasing Fashion Color Reports that often dictate the runway trends of the season, especially unique hues and combinations like mixed greens and tangerine. According to the Pantone View home + interiors 2013 book there are 9 color palettes that will dominate the trends in 2013. The 9 color palettes definitely deliver on that promise, covering a broad spectrum of moods and tones for your interior design. Let’s take a look at each one of them:


The palette called Connoisseur includes a series of cool neutrals in combination with warm tones. Some examples of colors are white, beechnut green, violet, orchid, liquid pink and deep mahogany. Of course, there are also some intermediate tones such as champagne beige and silver.


There’s the Rugged palette with colors inspired by the sunset and the sea. You can see tones such as basket apple, goat, prairie sand or chipmunk. It’s a combination of colors suited for vintage interiors.


Sojourn is a contrasting palette that combines powerful shades with soft tones. It includes colors such as fuchsia and olive combined with foxglove and plum.


The Footprints collection features vibrant colors with tribal inspiration such as tangerine tango, peacock blue, fiery pink and oasis green.


The Extracts palette takes its inspiration from the culinary world and features a combination of spicy colors and fresh hues. Spiced coral, brandied melon and apple cinnamon are balanced with dusky pink, baked clay and green banana.

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The Glamour palette has an art décor feel. It includes colors such as Rio red, Monaco blue, tap shoe black, chinchilla, ethereal gray or jasper teal. It’s a very nicely balanced combination.


The New Old School palette is very similar to the Glamour palette, the only difference being that here we have more saturated versions of the same colors. We can distinguish colors such as ribbon red, bright white, nautical blue or ultramarine green.


The penultimate palette is called Surface Treatments. This palette is a highly textural one that alludes to the colours of water and sky. It’s a contrasting combination of colors featuring brilliant ocean shades tempered by cloudy tones such as tornado gray along with metallic and bronze shades.


The last color palette featured in the Pantone book is called Out of the Ordinary and the list of colours lends itself to arresting combinations: bonnie blue, pureed pumpkin, chocolate truffle, amber green linden green, golden rod, bright violet and rosebud.


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