Color Affects Mood In Interior Design

Colors have a dramatic effect on our moods and choosing a color palette for your space can determine how you and others feel when they enter. Finding an interior designer that understands the power of color can help you transform your interior design.

Our brains are wired to respond to color. It’s a key aspect of how our visual processing relates to the world. Our brains crave seeing colors every day and lack of color, or the wrong colors, can literally have a depressing effect on our mood. With this fact in mind, it is no surprise that interior designers treat the choice of paint and the shades of furniture, art and accessories with utmost importance. An experienced interior designer will understand the value of calming colors in interior design and will use them accordingly when creating a peaceful home setting.


Color appears to truly play a role in mood. Phrased another way, you can be quite certain that the color choices you make for your home will have an impact on your daily outlook.

Most interior designers recognize that blue has a very calming effect, and they use it frequently when working to create a tranquil environment. Different shades of blue can work wonders. If you want to create a calmer bedroom, then opt for blue. Blue’s softness helps cultivate the exact type of environment that you want for relaxation and a good night’s sleep.


Reduce stress with pink

Pink is another color that can reduce tension levels. Traditionally, pink has been viewed as a color for feminine spaces but designers are increasingly looking toward pink as a way to de-stress rooms of all types. Do you have any doubt that the color pink can have a calming effect? Gaze at a tranquil pink color paint card for a few moments and see if you feel calmer.


Green goes back to the elements

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Green reminds people of nature, which frequently has a calming effect too. If you want to make a room feel more relaxing, then you should definitely consider green.

Thoughtful use of color is an important part of interior design. Color is being used to treat stress and even help with the effects of depression. Imagine if you could reduce your stress levels simply by painting your room a different color – it might actually be just that easy.




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