Classic Italian Interior Design by Savio Firmino

Do you like classic Italian interior design? If you do, you looking for Italian collection of Savio Firmino its name Florence. This collection feature of classic design with classic decoration. You can see bed design take its design from past elegance with its padded back and its bed side table also in classic style with four legs designed in classic way. In this classic bedroom you can find a fascinating chimney with its class design with a oval mirror on it and two candles. There are two chairs in classic design with an amazing classic table, and also you can find wardrobe in glass in a fantastic classic design. In other classic bed rooms you can find classic chest drawers made from wood.

In bathroom collection you feel that you are not in bathroom, but in a regular room you can spend lovely time in it. You can take a relax shower in its classic tub,and for hand wash tub it has a lovely circular design.

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italian 0001 12-495x370

italian 0002 11-495x370

italian 0012 1-495x370

italian 0010 3-495x370

italian 0011 2-495x370

italian 0004 9-495x370

italian 0007 6-495x370

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