Christmas Table Setting Ideas

Christmas Table Setting Ideas – Christmas is coming! Shopping is almost ending, Christmas decorations are done and the Christmas tree is all dressed up. A wonderful time is beginning – time for family gatherings, sitting around the table, eating tasty food and sharing happy moments with each other. Those few days are very unique. To make an atmosphere even more special think about how you can lay the table.

Laying the Christmas table is very important when it comes to formal meetings. When we are throwing a party and inviting a lots of guests we usually want to make it very fancy and elegant. So that’s why we dress in the best clothes we have and serve great food. We pay most of our attention to the dining room and that’s why we light the candles, have a beautiful tablecloth and serve food in our best service. And we believe that it’s a good idea to make Christmas Eve supper in such a formal style.

First you might think about the guests – how many members of family are you willing to invite and how you want to arrange them. Sometimes when we have to small table it is best to go somewhere else, invite less people or just put small tables around the big one where we could put dishes or sit the children. After knowing that everything is all right and we have enough space we can make a schedule. Draw a scheme of a table and write names of guests in place you want to sit them – this will help organize dishes and silverware. As in many countries forks, bread plate, spreader, and napkin are to the left, knives, spoons, cups, and saucers are to the right it may change in some cases.

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Second, choose the right tablecloth and napkins. Those elements of home accessories are very important while hosting formal dinner. The tablecloth should be of course clean and elegant. But don’t put your favourite and best you have. While having different kinds of dishes on the table and hosting many different people there is a big chance that some food might land on the table not on the plate. You will be all nervous and the holiday atmosphere will be ruined for you. If it comes to a pattern the tablecloth and napkins should probably have similar elements or colors as for example small stars, Christmas trees or Santas. They can also be in solid colors, red, green or white with no elements on them.

Third, don’t forget to decorate the Christmas table. Use your imagination but also try to have something that will harmonize with other decorations. Maybe you can go to a forest, find some pine cones and put three or four on the table and bowls full of them on other furniture. You can also tie napkin and cutlery together with a plain colored ribbon, light little red candles which putted in small bowls will lend a festive, celebratory feeling.

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