Christmas Table In Lavish Colors

Christmas table in lavish colors – On Christmas Day everything has to be perfect. It is a day full of cheerful and happy atmosphere, so that should be on the dining table. Those days will be spent with the family and it is important to have a nicely decorated table in your dining room.

Table decorating can be complicated business, but with a good idea and with few rules to stick to, it can be a great success. A good result can be achieved with simple solutions. Remember – sometimes ‘less is more’.


The imagination is the most important thing to start with. On the beginning choose the color scheme, in combinations or you can choose only one color. The table will look even more elegant, if the colors of the table decorations match those on your Christmas tree. Traditional colors are red, silver, white and green, and purple and blue are becoming more and more popular.


You can’t go wrong with reds

Red color is unavoidable part of every Christmas tradition and it creates homely atmosphere. Red can be combined with silver, gold, green and white details. If you prefer a classic look, choose a table cloth with Christmas stars which is quite sufficient decor. All you need are few small additions such as white plates.


Keep the classic way

One of favorite decorations is classic white table cloth, plates with silver or golden rim and red cotton napkins. It will look great if you use napkin rings, in gold or silver. The plates can be decorated with stars. For center piece use a wreath in gold or silver, or made of natural branches. The round wreath is perfect for round table, while oval shaped wreath may be used for rectangular tables. Remember to stick to one of your choices, silver or gold, and never mix them together.

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If you want something different than white table cloth, silver or gold runner may be a good choice. Runners look the best on rectangle-shaped tables. This time use red plates, and cloth napkins that match the color of the runner. As the center piece, put several glass vases in various shapes and fill them with red baubles, little stones and pearls. Other items such as cinnamon sticks and pine cones, can also be used, as well as walnuts and almonds spread all over the table.


Purple and blue for contemporary look of your Christmas table

Purple color is becoming very popular in Christmas decoration. Same as red, it matches perfectly with silver and gold. If you like a contemporary look for your Christmas evening, choose purple-silver combination. Cover the table with purple table cloth or runner. Set the plates with silver rim and match the color of the napkins. If you have plates without the silver rim, use silver baubles and put them in the plate.


In similar way use the blue color. Blue table cloth and white plates, and silver blinking chain around them, could look really good. Decorate the plates with silver-blue snowdrops. You can choose both deep blue and light blue color, and, according to the choice, carefully pick the other decorative items – baubles, bows and candles.


Luxurious white table with gold and silver details

White color is clean and festive, especially in combination with silver and gold details. White table cloth, cloth napkins and classic white crockery are sufficient, but it all look much better with lush golden candle holder or Advent wreath.

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