Christmas Dining Room Decor Ideas

Christmas is a time of the year when families up and down the country get together to celebrate the festive season, swap presents and eat fine food. Of course, you want to a have lovely table that is easy to decorate as well as a table that your guest will enjoy. Keeping your dining room table Christmas decorations simple is a great gift to yourself. Your guests will appreciate it as well.

Christmas is the time to enjoy a meal together with your friends and relatives. To make every meal special this Christmas, here are few ideas to decorate the dining table.

There are some things that a key issue in the decorating of the Christmas dinner table, you should consider centerpieces, place cards, candles, decorations and many other things. All these elements will make your Christmas memorable Christmas day.

Accessorizing your dining chairs is not often something we see at Christmas, we usually see it at weddings. How effective a simple red ribbon can be when tied over a dining chair and highlighted with a cone and some greenery. This looks stunning when used here with white slip covers over the chairs. The best thing about this type of Christmas decorating, is that it sets the mood for the room, so you don’t have to go all out for the table center piece, which can often dominate the space and have to be removed when the food is placed on the table. You could make this look your own by adding fine gold ribbon as well, spraying the cone gold or silver, use little tree decorations instead of the cones like bells or balls, stars or angels, or if you want to make it understated simply tie the ribbon into a bow at the back of the chair.

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This table setting works with the chairs above to follow on with the simple red, cones and greenery theme. A piece of lacquered timber is placed on greenery through the center of the table, glass vases with floating candles are added to the middle and as a focal point cranberries are floating in the vases, a very clever decorative touch. The cones are placed randomly around the vases to pull the piece together and just to top it off without adding too much more decoration to the table a small piece of greenery is threaded through the napkin ring balancing the place setting with the chairs and the table center piece. The good thing about this center piece is that it is low so you can still speak to your family over the top of it. Variations of this could be like the chair variations, spray the cones gold or silver, use floating ball or star ornaments in the vases in gold or silver, fix a silver or gold ribbon along the timber like a table runner. In fact, you use any Christmas color scheme you wanted. White and silver with royal blue is very popular, green with white and silver, burgundy red with gold, black with silver or black with gold. Of course adding greenery works with all these color combinations.

Generally people use green red and white when decorating the table for the holidays but there is nothing to say you have to follow suit. If you want to make a child’s tablecloth, you would generally use Christmas inspired material with teddies or other cartoon characters. The kids will be so excited when they see how the table is decorated. Of course you can also use Christmas craft ideas to entertain your children on the West and Wednesday evenings of winter. If you have a young baby in the house you may want to make Christmas mobile to help keep baby entertained while everyone else is enjoying their dinner.

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With the decorations up in place, you and the family can sit back ready to enjoy the festive period in style. With the peace f mind that the house is looking cosy and festive, you’ll be ready for when the guests arrive.











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