Choosing The Right Accent Armchair

An easy way to introduce new colours, textures or materials into any room is to use an accent armchair. It can then be used for extra seating while providing a versatile way to add a new style element into your interior. 

Decide how the armchair will be used?

The first step before deciding which armchair to purchase, is to decide how it is going to be used. Does it want to fill an empty corner to create a reading nook? Does it want to be an inviting statement in the hallway where people can take a seat to take their shoes off? Or does the armchair want to be added to a room to make it more social?

There are many ways that an armchair can be used, its style will need to suit how it is going to be used. For example, an armchair used in a reading corner compared to the hallway will be a lot different, as there will be different levels of comfort desired for the chair.

Where can an accent armchair be used?

Anywhere in the home, whether that is the living room, bedroom, hallway, home office or dining space. Typically, the most common places for an accent chair are in any living spaces, offices or bedrooms. It can be used to fill a space in the room that looks bland and can be benefited from an additional seating option. 

How To Choose The Right Style 

Considering the purpose of the armchair and where the chair is going to be placed can help you decide on the right style, upholstery and colour. All these features will want to either contrast or complement the rest of the room, depending on how much you want to make a statement with the chair.

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A large wingback chair can help balance a room that features a larger sofa. A swivel chair can help provide a versatile focal point. A lounge armchair is a great addition if you are looking to add comfort to a reading corner. There is a large variety of armchair styles and variations. If you are stuck for inspiration, one of the most popular armchairs to ever be designed is the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman.

If you have young children or pets in the house you may want to consider what materials are suitable. Leathers are easier to clean and maintain compared to other upholsteries like cashmere or wool. Material care equipment can be purchased to look after more delicate fabrics that are being used around young children and pets.

You can choose a colour you have featured in a piece of artwork or home accessory to make the room coherent and draw attention to that specific colour. The accent armchair doesn’t need to match other living furniture like your sofa. Actually, if the accent chair is being featured in your living space it is better to choose one that doesn’t match your sofa. A large piece of furniture like a sofa needs to be contrasted with other elements in the room to make the environment interesting.

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