Choose The Olive Green Color For Your Interior

Choose The Olive Green Color For Your Interior – Stylized, elegant shades of neutral colors are very trendy and widely used for walls and home decor. It may surprise, but green also can be neutral, balanced and stylish. We are not talking about dark green tones, that we remember from public buildings back in 1980s, such are schools and hospitals. New neutral green, especially olive green, is the color full of freshness and can match well with traditional or contemporary furniture.

The green color was always attractive because it symbolizes the nature, and green spaces creates better, calming mood in the households or work spaces. It is the color of positive energy. You can’t make a mistake choosing the natural green for your interior.


New neutral green comes in many different tones. Can be mixed with grays or, in warmer versions, with blue color. Combination with blues is more traditional, while addition of gray is ideal for contemporary designed interiors. Here you need to be very careful with creating a right mixture with a right balance of green and other color – it is very easy to get a completely wrong result.


Olive green can be used on the walls, in upholstery or decor – the possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination. For someone olive green will be calm, for others elegant. An absolute hit this fall season is combination of olive green and gray. Find a classic, or retro wallpapers with floral pattern – your interior will look fresh, elegant and calm. It’s a perfect choice for home office, dining rooms or bedroom.

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Olive green looks great in interiors with dark wood furniture, as well as leather sofas and armchairs. The leather can be green, brown or red and it will stood up next to the green painted walls. The good choice is also geometric pattern upholstery.


If your room is on the north, the olive green color should be avoided. If you still want to use it, mix it with yellow to get a bit warmer tone. Add few details, such as curtains, cushions, rug or vase, in red or yellow and the room will have a nice and fresh look. The light is very important when you use green color. Its quantity, direction and strength may define the whole character of the room.


If you have decided to go with neutral greens, here are a few useful hints. Be aware that the green color you chose may not be the right one and you may dislike it on the end. To avoid this, make several different samples of the green color and try them on the wall. Leave it on the wall for a few days and it will help you to decide on the right tone.





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