Choose Blue Color For Bedroom Design

Choose Blue Color For Bedroom Design – Your bedroom is your haven and should be a place of fun and rest. When choose a color for the bedroom, people always go for calming and relaxing combinations. Cool bedroom decorating colors can be calming, mysterious, regal, meditative or refreshing – it all depends on the hue and tone you use.

The British hotel chain Travelodge made a study in 2,000 houses that proves the best sleep come with blue color of the bedroom – almost 7 hours and 52 minutes. That is the reason why the blue color is mighty detail in home interior design, especially for bedrooms.


Combine pale blue with white and grey – these colors are among the best bedroom colors for a clean, pristine, restful bedroom. Incredibly popular from New England to the Mediterranean, these are very easy bedroom colors to get ‘right’.

For men’s bedroom a similarly sexy effect can be created with deep inky blues. Don’t be afraid of dark blue shades for the bedroom walls. It will be perfect match with the white bed or bed sheets and cushions. To maximize light, keep the walls a light color, and the ceiling white.

We found few excellent ideas how to turn your bedroom into real paradise for relaxation, enjoyment and good sleep, just by using a dark blue color.

Beside an esthetic experience, it is well known that various shades of blue have a good influence on your eyesight and have a calming effect. These photos show several interesting ideas that may inspire you to decorate your bedroom in blue:






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