Chontay House: Peruvian Stone House

Chontay house is an excellent example that the most beautiful living spaces can attain by carefully integrating with nature. Marina Vella, architect of Lima, is designed Chontay house so it is fit in the landscape, which has made physical and visual link with a spectacular natural environment and structure.

In order to generate sensory, visual and material links among users, landscape and architecture, the residence is divided into two separate volumes articulated around a communal garden lined with existing trees and shrubs. This design approach ensures that the home’s occupants are constantly connected with outdoor activities.


Built from adobe and locally sourced stone, the two individual dwellings present sweeping views of the rural Peruvian landscape, while retaining a sense of residential privacy. The smaller of the two volumes houses primary indoor living accommodation, while the larger building contains the residence’s sleeping quarters. A sheltered patio gives a pleasant shade from the region’s hot sun, and provides a place for outdoor dining.


Chontay house is located on a plot of 5800 m² and is surrounded by agriculturally rich land. It is made of materials such as stone, wood and clay, with the help of local traditional building techniques. Locally available natural resources were used in the construction process, such as eucalyptus and recycled wood for flooring, doors, windows and blinds (eucalyptus was used to build the structure supporting the ‘Carrizo’ (reed grass) sunroof in the terrace).

‘Local’ stone was used to build large curved dry-stone wall that gives shape to the two volumes and is earthquake resistant. The structure is strengthened so the house is protected from natural disasters, as well as soil erosion.











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