Ceramic Pottery – Winter Touch In Your Kitchen

Some would say winter has truly arrived. It is always nice to add a cosy winter touch to the home and many would say a good way to do this is through the kitchen. Ceramic pottery is always a good add on to the home, practical and beautiful.

The best handmade and hand painted or decorated household ceramics are most probably from France, the Provence, to be precise. A perfect piece of crockery for the evenings this winter could be the traditional ovenproof dish. From the orignial beef stew to the more exotic Indian cuisine of curry, both cooked in a casserole dish will thoroughly warm you up after a long, chilly day. The warm colours of the pottery also elegantly add a brighter feel to the home on those dark and dull evenings.

Kitchenware can also be a great assistant in getting you going on those crisp, frosty mornings. A ceramic tea pot , great for making that first cup of tea of the day or a ceramic mug for those who prefer coffee! Away from this, if you’re more interested in interior design change during winter, ceramic pottery can also add to making the home look beautiful as well as acting practically.

Christmas kitchenware

Ceramic candlesticks can help to add that cosy atmosphere to a home, giving the much needed light and warmth to a room throughout the evening. Looking ahead slightly, Christmas is slowly but surely creeping around on us and another kitchen accessory that could brighten up those near Christmas, exciting evenings could be a ceramic jug, ideal for making the traditional Christmas mulled wine with friends or family alike.

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Handmade ceramics can also make a pleasing gift. From kitchenware, tableware, interior design and bathroom accessories anyone could have a pleasant surprise on Christmas day anytime. French pottery is really a beautiful yet useful ad on to the home, adding warmth and colour in the winter yet also perfect for those outdoor summer days which now seem a long time away!

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Nicholas Mosse Pottery & Dinnerware

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Jolly Red Santa Star Shaped Ceramic

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