Outdoor Patio Curtains

If you and your family like to spend a lot of time on your patio, you probably want to have a good atmosphere while you enjoy your time there. You wish for some warm air outdoors, clear sky and good decoration to keep you comfortable. Sometimes we can’t get all of this, or even none of it, but outdoor curtains for patio may help a lot. How? Let me explain. You can use a lot of different window treatments in your home, there are many draperies that will improve the look of your home and allow you to have your own privacy. But what about all those draperies that offer a bit more than just decoration? Good looks are not everything and you can find practical drapes that will show you a different use for all window curtains.

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African Safari Decorating – Wild Africa In Your Home

Surrounded by unique textures, patterns and color, encouraging harmony with the environment is greatly enhanced by free roaming of elephants, hippos playing in shallow waters, antelope and zebra coming in for a drink, giraffe feeding on the acacia and lion prides lounging in the shade. African safari decorating offers an appealing approach to any home design with its blend of African influence and European Old World style. This compelling, tasteful lifestyle emphasizes relaxed living, offering the overall effect of a natural and comforting environment.

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Arabic Carpets and Rugs

Carpet designs tended to reflect the history and culture of the region they were created in. Traditionally these carpets sometimes took many months, even years to create, but now the process is much faster, even with those that are still made by hand. Today many handmade carpets are considered to be priceless pieces of art while only a lucky few are ever likely to own one of these particular carpets, carpets are still very popular as furnishings and, for some, simply as decorative items.

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Curtain as a decorative and transparent door


Usually people call it the curtain. Accessories room consisting of a series of beads of various materials can make room in the house became more stylish. Ordinary residents hang curtains instead of blinds series. Curtain rails can also be installed on the door frame, thereby becoming “a transparent door.”

“In addition to being the curtain, often also serve as a divider (dividing) space with one other room,” said interior designer from Orange Design Dwi D Noviantoro.
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Caucasian rugs

Situated south of Russia, with Turkey and Iran forming its other borders, the Caucasus region forms both a bulwark and a corridor between East and West. Weaving is an integral part of Caucasian culture. Kelims had many purposes – floor coverings, curtains, wall hangings, covers for seating areas and awnings for ox carts.

Distinctive geometric designs are a keynote of many types of Oriental rug made in the region between the Black and Caspian Seas. In the rugged mountainous area, known as the Caucasus, carpets were made by villagers using small looms. Each region has its own distinctive characteristics. Among the most famous and frequently seen Caucasian rugs are Kazaks, Shirvans and Soumacs.

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Bird Motif Bedding – spring decorating idea

Spring is in the air, and this Bird Motif Bedding is in your dreams! With the mid-February set chill in the air, there’s no better place to cozy up than in a bed dressed with this chic Spring Sparrow Duvet Cover & Sham, from Pottery Barn. This whimsical spring decorating idea is just the thing to warm up your bedroom, winter, spring, summer or fall. The earthy green and brown branches are dotted with vibrant birds inspired by 19th-century field guides. Combine this charming bedding with a country-chic bed, like the Ashby Sleigh Bed from Pottery Barn. The bed features rustic spruce planks and a wonderfully knotty, grainy look finished in natural pine stain that highlights all its natural beauty. Finish the look with some spring flowers like tulips, daffodils and daisies, and you’ll forget what the weather is really like outside.

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