Home Full Of Flowers

The benefits of an indoor flower outweigh the obligation to care for them. There are those that would even consider caring for houseplants to be a hobby, especially during the winter months.

Indoor Flowers and Indoor Plants provide a variety of benefits among which are included the following:

– Clean Air
– Brighter/Cheerier Environment
– Improved Home and Office Décor

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Shade Loving Plants

The number of plants for shade on the market is truly amazing, and anyone should be able to find good selections for the shade garden.

Degrees of Shade

There is deep shade, there is light shade and there are many degrees in between. The most successful shade gardens are not those in deep shade but those in partially or lightly shaded locations. Deep shade would be under thickly planted evergreens or under deep overhangs on the north side of a building. Grass doesn’t grow there and few weeds can survive.

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Fantastic Balcony Garden Ideas

The best thing a plant lover living in high-rise buildings and condos is a balcony garden. A balcony garden can be an excellent retreat for urban gardeners. Fortunately, you do not have to be a master gardener to have a nice balcony garden in your apartment.

The first thing to do of course is examine your balcony. What size is it, how much space do you wish to use for chairs and table, how much for plants? Then there is the matter of growing conditions. Is the railing open or closed, in which direction does the balcony face, is it shaded by buildings or trees, how high up is it? All of these factors will regulate the amount of light available.

You will soon be stopped by your neighbors who will comment on the stunning display of summer hanging flowers you have created in a simple container garden! All it takes is:

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African Safari Decorating – Wild Africa In Your Home

Surrounded by unique textures, patterns and color, encouraging harmony with the environment is greatly enhanced by free roaming of elephants, hippos playing in shallow waters, antelope and zebra coming in for a drink, giraffe feeding on the acacia and lion prides lounging in the shade. African safari decorating offers an appealing approach to any home design with its blend of African influence and European Old World style. This compelling, tasteful lifestyle emphasizes relaxed living, offering the overall effect of a natural and comforting environment.

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Create a Tropical Area Inside a House

Lush green forests, sandy beaches and glorious sunshine, it is doubtless that nothing could be better than a tropical place to live in. Well, if your house is not located in a tropical area, simply create a tropical area inside your house. With few simple additions, your customized tropical area of your home can be a great source of relaxation and beauty.

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