Table Clothes for elegant look of your living space

Wether it’s crisp and contemporary, relaxed and casual, or elegant and formal Table Clothes give the desired look that fits everyones individual taste and style.

Table Cloths are an important element in any room décor. Table cloth supplies include a fascinating range in a variety of sizes and shapes. Not only the aesthetic side of the products is looked into but also the practicality of the products has been given a lot of importance.

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Fish Home Radiator

Trash the old home radiator that you have been trying to casually (yet unsuccessfully) conceal and check out the cool Fish radiator by Giancarlo Zema. And unlike its predecessors, this home radiator is sure to get lots of attention for all the right reasons! Create a sculptural, fashionable and functional focal point in your home in one fell swoop. This cool radiator features abstract fish which take shape in warm waves and line up in a row of hot colors like pink, red, green and blue. Put some life into your decor with these funky, fun Fish radiators.

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Cushion Covers: Some New Ideas

Cushions make the sofa comfortable to sit on and to sleep on. However, your sofa or chair will not be as attractive if you do not put cushion covers on your cushions.

Cushion covers do not just hide the flaws of your cushions but it makes your cushions more appealing. Cushion covers are great fashion items but looking at the same colour and pattern for months can make it look boring and ordinary. When you start having this kind of impression every time you look at your cushion covers then it is time to re-invent them.
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Patricia Urquiola Furniture Collection

Italian company Moroso has unveiled its new furniture collection – Fergana seating by Patricia Urquiola, which combines tradition with technology. Patricia Urquiola artfully incorporated old and new into this innovative seating line; history and evolution meld together on this broad seating modeled in Oriental salon interior design and embellished in an embroidered motif where ancient scribes and symbols meets modern characters with a pop aesthetic. Specially made for large interiors, this furniture line invites you to flop down and sprawl out, casually and comfortably. These modular pieces can be arranged in any configuration, to any proportions, making them ideal for a den, family room or home theater.

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Bureaux – gorgeous peace of writing furniture

There are many different types of “writing furniture”, but perhaps the best known is the BUREAU, basically a desk with a hinged flap that folds up when not in use.
Made in quantity from the 18th century, bureaux are generally oak, walnut, pine or mahogany, some lavishly decorated with lacquer or marquerty. They were often combined with bookcases and cabinets to become bureau bookcases or bureau cabinets.
Like ordinary cabinets, these were as much to display the wealth of their owner as for any practical purpose. Many have a strong architectural feel, designed to co-ordinate with the architecture of the rooms in which they stood.

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Cool Barstool from Gaber

The Swing Stool from Gaber is something you’d expect to see in a contemporary art gallery. Created by designer Stefano Sandona, this ultra-modern barstool is a reflection of fine Italian furniture – the artist’s expression of a true love of interior design and creativity. This modern barstool features a sleek seat made of technopolymer, and is equipped with a sculptural backrest, which doubles as an arm rest, and makes this stool totally unique part of furniture. The frame and footrest are chromium plated, and the stool offers a gas-adjustable height for an equally versatile and conformable design. The base matches the seat. Ideal for the cool bar, a contemporary kitchen or as a conversation piece anywhere in the home, the Swing barstool comes in three classic colors – black, white or vibrant red – or for an added touch of luxury, opt for the leather-clad furniture design.

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