Central Air Conditioning Vs. Ductless Air Conditioning

A central air conditioning system is the classic air conditioning solution. They have been installed in nearly every home for the past fifty years, making central ACs the most common solution. However, ductless air conditioning has become increasingly popular, despite being unknown to most homeowners. Let’s take a look at the differences between ductless and central air conditioning systems. Knowing the pros and cons of both systems will help you choose the best one for your home. Continue Reading

Choose The Right Humidifier For Your Home

Choose The Right Humidifier For Your Home – During the winter heating months in colder climates your home will need extra moisture. A humidifier replaces moisture that is lost from heating your home. The proper humidity is essential for your maximum comfort. Not enough humidity can cause itchy dry skin, stuffy noses, static build up, frizzy hair and a chilly feeling. The proper humidity is a personal thing. It is best to start around 60% and adjust up or down until you find the best comfort level for your needs. Continue Reading

Buy A Food Smoker

Buy A Food Smoker – Parties in the backyard or garden nowadays are considered to be incomplete without beer and smoked food. And this is one of the main reasons for the increased popularity of smoked food throughout the North and South America and a major part of Europe. Here most of the smokers are kept in the backyards and well away from the house because of the dangers of fire. The increase in the popularity has increased the demand of food smokers as well.

The sole purpose of a smoker is to pass smoke and heat generated by the source at the bottom evenly over the food. In Europe oak is the most common wood used for generating the smoke but back in time alder was used as well.

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3 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Lawn

A healthy, luscious lawn doesn’t just increase the street appeal of your home. It also serves as a recreation area for the kids, an entertaining area for family events and it can help keep down the temperature of your home. Keeping your lawn looking picture-perfect is not without its challenges. Tough weather conditions, high water prices and time-poor property owners can all have an effect on the appearance of lawn. Here are some easy ways to maintain your lawn and keep it looking fantastic. Continue Reading

Backyard Bonding with Kids

There is nothing more fun than getting out in the fresh air and spending some quality time with your kids. It could be something as simple as heading down to your local park or hanging out together in the backyard, but getting into the outdoors as a family is always something special. For those of you who are struggling to come up with activities that will keep your kids attention, here are a few that everyone will enjoy. Continue Reading

Storage Heaters Solutions

Storage heaters are a cleverly designed heater that work by storing thermal energy at night to be released slowly the following day. Because electricity is cheaper at night than during the day, a storage heater can allow big savings to be made. These types of heater are generally made from high density bricks that work as excellent insulators. Additional insulator panels are used between the bricks and outside them too in order for the heat to be slowly released into the home or building without much waste. Night storage heaters are an economical way to heat a home or office.

Normally storage heaters have two controls – an input control and an output control. The input control is called a charge control and it controls the amount of heat that is being stored by the heater. The output control is more correctly known as the draught control, and this controls the rate at which heat is released from the heater into the property.

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