Patio Folding Tables – Perfect For Many Occasions

The use of an outdoor patio allows many homeowners to enjoy their home even further. In most cases, the space that is available outdoors rivals what is available indoors, both in style and comfort. Although there are many options available for outdoor furniture, one that is convenient for any patio is the use of patio folding tables. There are numerous occasions for which these folding pieces of furniture can be used.

One important consideration for patio folding tables is the design of the table itself. This will often dictate how it is able to be used and how convenient it is going to be for the homeowner to access it when necessary. In some cases, folding tables are chosen because they can be conveniently stored. At other times, they can be left out in the elements but you need to consider the design of the furniture, as well as the durability if it is going to be left outside.

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The Spare Room Furnishing Ideas

You have an extra room in your house and you’d like it to utilize the space for multiple purposes – a spare bedroom, an office, retreat and occasionally playroom. One of the most common uses of a spare room is as a guest room. However, the guest room doesn’t always have to serve a guest bedroom, it is important to furnish the room with versatile furniture. The ideal furnishing would have the ability to double for seating and sleeping and not take up too much room in either role.

You need a piece of furniture that can double for seating and sleeping. There are three choices of furnishing available: futon, day bed, trundle bed and sleep sofa.

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Coffee Table – Choose The Right One

A coffee table is the center point of a sitting area. This area might be a small, cozy place with a sofa and a couple of chairs, a medium-sized family room that needs to be inviting for kids and their friends or an elegant living room designed for entertaining guests. You’ll want to keep several considerations in mind when choosing your coffee table, including size, material, style and function. Taking a little time to prepare for the purchase can help you find a great addition to your existing furniture.

1. Make some measurements. Measure the length and height of your sofa and the area where you’ll place the coffee table. The coffee table should be somewhat shorter in length than the sofa, but only you can decide the size that looks best.

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A Copper Sink – Back In 2014!

Copper sinks are back in interior design 2014! If you are considering a new sink within your kitchen or bathroom, a copper sink may be the way for you to go. Many people are choosing copper sinks over other traditional styles such as porcelain. The reason the popularity of copper sinks has grown so drastically is because not only does it have a simplistic beauty unmatched by any other style, it is also extremely functional within the kitchen. The great thing about copper sinks is that they are virtually maintenance free, if it needs cleaned water and soap will do the trick.

Chemical cleaners are a thing of the past when it comes to copper sinks, they do not require harsh cleaning and with care its beauty will last a lifetime. Another positive aspect of copper sinks is that unlike many other types of sinks, these tend to grow in beauty over time.

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Knitted Stools By Claire Anne O’Brien

Cork native Claire Anne O’Brien is a gifted knitter with a keen eye for its application on furniture. The Central Saint Martin’s textiles graduate is best known for her knitted stools. By taking inspiration from the carved detail found in older alpine chairs and translating this into an intricate knitted patterns she created a juxtaposition of scale, material and surface detail.

With a sculptural approach to textiles, Claire Anne O’Brien explores form, construction and scale through the unique properties of knitted fabrics. Fusing furniture design with a traditional, domestic technique like knitting, Claire-Anne pushes the boundaries of knit and demonstrates a modern language of craft.

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The Sentient Furniture Long Wool Sofa

The Sentient Furniture Long Wool sofa is so much more than a sofa its a superb 360° design. An original design using long wool Icelandic sheepskin (íslenska sauðkindin) together with reclaimed American oak boards. If they could speak what stories would these boards tell? To create the ‘Long Wool Sofa’, the designer used 100% Antique Oak lumber, Icelandic Lamb Wool, pocket springs, two layers of foam and one layer of Dacron. The icelandic sheepskin wool is chaotic, wild, soft and long measuring 6” – 8”. The hair falls all directions resulting in a array of warm beige, brown and golden colors.

This item is designed by Sentient chief design officer, Nersi Nasseri. With two different materials and ingeniously combined them, resulting in a unique furniture piece in terms of form, functionality and color.

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