Sustainable Window Treatments Ideas

Sustainable Window Treatments Ideas – You can do many things to make your home more environmentally friendly. Buying green and sustainable window treatments is a good place to start. Sustainable window treatments help the environment and save you money by making your home more energy efficient. Heat is typically lost through your windows, so using insulated window treatments drastically reduces heat transfer.

Insulated Roman Shades

An insulated Roman shade should have three layers to work effectively – a face, an interlining and a back lining. Roman shades do not filter natural light from the window.

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Decorate Your Bed For The Spring 2015

Decorate Your Bed For The Spring 2015 – Like all other bedroom accessories, the change of the season is the ideal time to update your bedding. Of course, during this time of the year you need to consider a lighter set of bedding, including cooler comforters and larger pillows to add a bit of comfort to this one place in your home that you will not be cold.

However, you also want to consider updating your bed with more stylish accessories, ideal for the spring months. Keep the following tips in mind as you work to update the look in your bedroom, guest room or even your child’s room.

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Skirting Boards In Interior Design

Skirting Boards In Interior Design – It would be difficult to argue that choosing skirting boards is the most exciting part of putting together an interior design scheme, but it is nevertheless important. It’s details such as these that make everything work together harmoniously. Not only must they fit complement the design aesthetically but they also need to tick the required practicality boxes. They were originally designed to hide the gap between the wall and the floor and protect the wall from feet, furniture, vacuum cleaners and floor polish. With wooden floors a skirting board is absolutely essential due to the natural movement, expansion and contraction on the flooring. In older properties where embedding pipes and cables into the wall isn’t an option they also give you a way to hide these unsightly necessities.

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How To Use Accessories In Home Decorating?

A sense of style is always much personalized and people will generally try to stylize their homes according to their own perception of what is considered stylish. Yet, there are a few guidelines which can be followed while purchasing and placing accessories in a home.

Choose a theme

If the home has furniture that is reflective of days gone by, then the accessories should also have a touch of an earlier era or have a vintage feel to it – accessorize in line with your main furniture items. In a room where the furniture has straight and simple lines, choose modern lamps. In a room where the furniture is carved or has a heavier look and feel, choose Turkish and Indian carpets.

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Ombré Style Home Trend 2015

Ombré Style Home Trend 2015 – The ombré color trend 2015 is emerging stronger in interior design. Likewise, wallpaper is back in a big way. Fabrics and wallpapers have been created in the ombré style and interior designers and do-it-yourselves are embracing the ombré effect in paint.

The term ‘ombré’ is used to define a technique to add a gradual color to, from light to dark. The beauty and flexibility of this art form is both in the application as well as in the final outcome, in such that it is a perfectly imperfect art form. There is no right or wrong way to ombré as long as the final result is that of gradual shading.

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Modern Kitchen Accessories

Modern Kitchen Accessories – The kitchen is the place where most people spend lots of time, especially those who love to cook. Cooking can be simple and enjoyable with the right type of kitchen accessories. There are large numbers of people who are always discovering way to upgrade or improve their kitchen. If you are one of them, then we would suggest you to get modern and quality kitchen accessories for your kitchen to make it look more attractive. These modern and stylish kitchen accessories might give spark to the kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Accessories – A well equipped kitchen is a pleasurable spot to cook food for the entire family. There are few crucial kitchen accessories which makes cooking easy and joyful experience.

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