Arabic Carpets and Rugs

Carpet designs tended to reflect the history and culture of the region they were created in. Traditionally these carpets sometimes took many months, even years to create, but now the process is much faster, even with those that are still made by hand. Today many handmade carpets are considered to be priceless pieces of art while only a lucky few are ever likely to own one of these particular carpets, carpets are still very popular as furnishings and, for some, simply as decorative items.

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Collage Photo Frames & Funky Picture Frames

Bring some personal wall art to your modern interior with our selection of collage photo frames and contemporary picture frames!

Use these fantastic articles as a blank canvas for your creativity, create vivid colour themes, monotone collections, or just proudly display your favourite faces and places.  With funky photo frames from North American company Umbra, and some inventive modern picture frames by Present Time, no matter how proud you are of your snaps we have the ideal products for displaying them in their best light.
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Classic and Rustic Bedrooms

Some of Roche Bobois’ furniture only appears ancient because of the antique aging process and hand-waxed lacquer finish but the detail in craftsmanship is undeniable so we won’t hold that against them. Using metallic fabrics and bold color in unexpected places while remaining true to the idiosyncratic fashion of the old world is simply a great combination for any period room. Wouldn’t it be grand to wake up in one of these royal-sized beds with the sun shining into your massive french windows as you examine the finishing touches of such flawlessly elaborate architecture and ponder the meaning of life?

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Retro Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchens then used bold colors like yellow, blue and jadeite green with checkerboard floors and vivid patterns. Also prominent were the painted cabinets, glass knobs, vintage linens and conspicuous electrical appliances that were meant to be used for long periods. In those days, the throwaway mentality was unheard of and people preferred to repair and re-use rather than replace.

Rare as they come, there are actually a few terrific websites out there that are dedicated to documenting and digitizing past kitchens. Antique Home Styles is one such website and we would highly recommend them if you are on the look out for such kitchens. Here are a few snaps from their collection:

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Bureaux – gorgeous peace of writing furniture

There are many different types of “writing furniture”, but perhaps the best known is the BUREAU, basically a desk with a hinged flap that folds up when not in use.
Made in quantity from the 18th century, bureaux are generally oak, walnut, pine or mahogany, some lavishly decorated with lacquer or marquerty. They were often combined with bookcases and cabinets to become bureau bookcases or bureau cabinets.
Like ordinary cabinets, these were as much to display the wealth of their owner as for any practical purpose. Many have a strong architectural feel, designed to co-ordinate with the architecture of the rooms in which they stood.

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