Most Influential English Antique Furniture

The value of English antique furniture lies in their originality and authenticity. These are hard to find and their significance cannot be substituted or replaced. English antique furniture is some of the most remarkable specimens in the world. These have evolved and changed over the years, signifying cultural, economic and political changes of the times. The Jacobian period, Queen Anne Period, William and Mary era, Georgian and Victorian are important ages of furniture making. Before you buy or decide on a piece of furniture you need to have a better understanding about the period it comes from, the characteristics of furniture of that period and what qualities to look for.

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Old Stylish Postboxes

If you are looking for a mail box that will add style and decoration to your home then think about an antique mail box. These beautiful postboxes have been designed to provide not only an adequate mail collection solution but to provide exceptional design and an elegant design feature outside your home.

These beautiful pieces are also robust and able to cope with the challenges presented by modern day post. They can be found in wall-mounted or post mounted styles and there is a wide range of designs, finishes and styles. You can find a mail box individual to you by choosing the perfect combination of strong lock mechanism, colour combination, printed or handmade design, powder coating, and address plaques. These stunning mailbox models will be a beautiful addition to your home.

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French Antique Decoration For Mixing Styles

France is known for its innovation in style and interior design in every century. French antiques mark as being highly decorative, refined and ostentatious. Great emphasis was placed on decoration and display.

French antiques should evoke warmth and casualness with the gorgeous country elegance of the french country side. These elements are so well blended that you probably will not recognize each element of style individually.This beautiful style represents the farming life of the peasants of France. It later became popular with the middle income earners. In summing up French Country Style furniture, you may say it is a blending of furniture designs from various eras. However, the lines are much more simplistic, the woods more durable and the overall color is lighter.

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Caring For Collectible Dolls

Dolls are not just things for girls. They are items of beauty and historical value, and they are often indicators of the mores of the times when they were made. Any doll can become a collectible doll, whether it is a French bisque doll, a China doll, a cloth doll, a vintage Barbie or even a modern Bratz doll, as long as it is valued and loved.

If you collect dolls and if you really love them, you should show your love for your collection by taking very good care of them. It is not good if your concept of caring for dolls involves storing them in a box and putting them away in an attic or in a basement and forgetting all about them. However, careless handling of dolls can result in their damage and over time, the damage can become irreversible. The following is a simple guideline for you to help you learn which way is the best way to care for your doll.


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Don’t Forget National Antiques Week!

Do you have a favorite antiques shop or auction house? Is there a dealer who knows about your passion for vintage scent bottles and phones you the moment he has some in? While some people are antiques collectors, gathering items like antique furniture, others just enjoy picking up the odd gem! During National Antiques Week (14th – 21st November 2011) – Antiques News and Fairs want to promote the green ‘credentials’ of antiques, and at the same time, the great value these rare antiques offer. To celebrate this year’s National Antiques Week, Homes & Antiques magazine and Antiques News & Fairs (the organizers of National Antiques Week) have joined together to find Britain’s’ best auction house.

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Tradition & Beauty In The Golden Ring, Russia

Russian folk art reached the height of popularity with the builders and woodworkers of rural Russia in the 18th-19th centuries. From simple peasant cottages to log-built estates for wealthy merchants, timber houses were decorated with elaborate painted wood carvings. Russia is sometimes referred to as a nation of woodcutters, and this tradition is evident in the wooden houses in the Golden Ring, the historical towns and cities that lie to the northeast of Moscow.

In the rural houses of the Golden Ring, elaborately carved wooden decorations also appeared on the edges of roofs and balconies, but were most beautiful as window surrounds. The carvings were uniquely Russian, an amalgam of Russian folklore motifs, Baroque embellishment and the graceful linear quality of Art Nouveau. They combine flowers, leaves and geometric shapes with stylized depictions of birds and animals, as well as mythological creatures, such as the Sirin—a creature of Russian legend that has the face and chest of a woman and the wings and feathered tail of a bird, most often an owl.

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