Antique Crockery – Red Wing Pottery And Wedgwood China

Crockery is an excellent way to showcase your design style through practical additions to your home. Everyone needs plates and cups, but why buy generic brands from a box store when you purchase pieces with a history and design all their own? Purchasing antique crockery for decorating your table and home can be a fun and challenging experience.

There are so many time periods from which to choose, each with their own distinctive style. To help in your antique crockery choice, two vastly different styles are highlighted below: Red Wing pottery and Wedgwood china.

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Antique Picture Frames

The real purpose of a picture frame is to focus and protect pictures. Antique picture frames are precursors to wholesale products in acrylic or metal. Antique picture frames have a history dating to the 2nd century B.C., with the finding of borders around Etruscan cave paintings. The frames were primarily used for isolating and safeguarding particular paintings.

The first antique picture frame was the carved wooden frame found in the Middle Ages, when frames were usually made by painter himself. It was during the Renaissance that frame making gained prominence. Professional frame makers came into the forefront and antique picture frames reflected the furniture style, from ornate to gilded or rococo. Generally in wood or metal, antique picture frames add a touch of glamour to surroundings, and at the same time enhance a picture.

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Window Shutters From The Past Times

A window shutter is a covering made of vertical stiles and horizontal rails. It is used to control the amount of sunlight, to provide privacy, to protect against weather elements, and to enhance the aesthetics of a building. It refers to both interior shutters and exterior shutters. Interior shutters, as their name suggests, are shutters used inside the home or building. They have hinges on either side of the window and swing inwards to let light enter. Exterior shutters are used outside the structure and also have hinges to either side of the window, but they swing outwards.

Shutters have been used since the time of Henry VIII and reign of Elizabeth I in the 1500s. Most homes in Tudor, England had shutters that were originally designed to protect windows on the outside and were built for the interior of the home.

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Early English Porcelain As A Valuable Decoration Of Your Home

Compared with lavishly decorated Continental wares, early English porcelain may seem relatively unsophisticated – but to many collectors this simplicity is fundamental to its appeal.

English makers tended to be much slower than their Continental counterparts in discovering how to make porcelain. One of the first English porcelain factories – Chelsea – was established by a French silversmith, Nicholas Sprimont in 1745, nearly half a century after porcelain had first been made in Germany and France. Wares made by Chelsea were mainly intended for the luxury end of the market and are among the most sought-after of all English porcelain. During this eighteenth century the practice of factories selling their ware, white and glazed, to men with decorating establishments of their own was very common. These workers were known as ‘outside decorators’, because their workshops were unconnected with a particular factory. Chelsea was one of the most famous places for this kind of activity.

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Antique Interior Decorating: Teddy Bears

Children have always valued their toys, but as playthings and companions to be loved, abused and discarded, according to mood and whim. It is adults who have elevated them to the display cabinet. Who would have dreamt 15 years ago that the major auction houses would devote sales entirely to teddy bears, attracting buyers from all over the world prepared to part with thousands of pounds for a coveted teddy bears…

A teddy bear is more than the sum of his parts, but scrutinizing the parts is as good a way as any to ascertain date, country of origin, authenticity, condition and even maker.

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Story About Antique Royal Worcester

Maybe you have not bought or seen an antique Royal Worcester item before, but you have probably heard the name at some point. The legendary antique manufacturer has been making beautifully products for a long time now and its popularity shows little sign of waning. Antique Royal Worcester pieces become more desirable as the years go by due to their impeccable craftsmanship and the story they have to tell. With that in mind here is a brief introduction to this iconic firm:

Antique Royal Worcester pieces come mainly from the 18th and 19th centuries. The company specialises in the production of porcelain ornaments. Before the 18th century porcelain production was confined to the Far East, although the material was widely traded in Europe and potters in Britain were obsessed with trying to work out how it was made.


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