Cacti As A Home Decor Trend

Cacti As A Home Decor Trend – Cacti as a home decor trend is something to watch in 2018. You just have to love cacti. They remind us of the beauty of the desert. Cactus themed home products are very popular this year, because their unusual shapes and bright desert flowers make them perfect for decorating.  So you can buy different types of cactus home decor items for every of your room. Continue Reading

Eye Catching Wall Decorations

Eye Catching Wall Decorations – Walls are harder to decorate because objects that you hang on it should more or less coordinate with the rest of the design theme of your home. A common mistake is to try treating walls as separate units of the overall design plan. As a result, it creates a challenge when accessories do not match with the rest of the room or it ends up being an eyesore. Here are some creative ideas for decorating your walls: Continue Reading