How to Choose Summer Kitchen

Now that the weather is getting nicer, all ideas of outdoor leisure home activities come flooding back to your mind. From playing out in the yard with the kids, to enjoying neighbors over for a barbecue on the back patio, it’s never too early to start planning. Adding a summer kitchen to your outdoor patio maybe just the piece that is missing from yours!

Portable grills are nice, but summer kitchens allow you to plan an entire area for relaxing, preparing and serving food, and it can add value onto your home. Here are tips for choosing amenities for your summer kitchen design.

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Extending the Kitchen Island

If you are looking to gain space in the kitchen, consider this image, which inspires a simple DIY idea of extending the kitchen island to gain dining and/or working space. Adding a rectangular plank to the island and attaching some legs is an affordable and relatively easy solution. Tie it in with matching colored trim, and viola – extra function. Or even easier, use an existing table and again, tie it in with that trim. The trim is key to achieve that union between the table and the island while providing a nice cascading effect. Overall, this kitchen is bright, white, modern and fun. The choice of yellow adds to that liveliness. And look closely at the back splash. They used old recipes as wallpaper! And the contrasting style of the light fixtures is also great. The chandelier provides nice ambient light while the ceiling mounted task light is perfect for use at the counter or the table. Continue Reading

Green Drinkware Glasses

Inspired by nature with a modern twist, these green drinkware glasses by Ilio Glass are certainly something to toast! The Forest collection glassware features a variety of different shapes ideal to serve up any beverage imaginable. From fruity drinks and root beer floats to your favorite brew and more “festive” cocktails, these glasses can handle any concoction. Not only will they brighten up your party, they’ll make your tabletop “pop.” With a setting of white linens, plates and serving dishes, these green glasses will have you raising your glass all night long. Continue Reading

Cosmopolitan Kitchen Faucet Line

This cosmopolitan-style kitchen faucet line is just the thing to take your culinary work space from drab to fab. The industrial-chic aesthetic makes a visually interesting addition to the modern kitchen. This architectural faucet has a distinctive arched coil enclosing a flexible hand-held spray, handy for food prep and clean-up afterward. This kitchen faucet line is also available with a side spray, or no spray, allowing you to customize your workstation. Equipped with a single-lever control featuring Grohe’s SilkMove technology, you enjoy precise flow and temperature management. Choose from two main versions: semi-professional and regular, in high-gloss chrome and stainless steel finish. Continue Reading

Color Decorating Idea

Color decorating ideas are not always about painting walls in color. You can do it just with the multi color lighting fixtures and bunch of colored chairs.

Pretty neat ha? This could be an interesting dining room idea, right there. And when you move you can take the colors with you but walls you cannot.

Shown here is the PXL pendant in painted aluminum, a design by Fredrik Mattson. There is also a matching table lamp. Continue Reading

All In One Kitchen Island by Comprex

An interesting kitchen idea, this contemporary “all in one” kitchen island by Italian company Comprex incorporates minimalist style and maximalist function – the best of both worlds. The Linea kitchen island has a sleek and streamlined look, with plenty of practical features, all integrated into one modern design. Under-counter storage keeps all your kitchen essentials out of the way but close at hand. Behind clean-faced doors, the storage is disguised. At first glance the island enjoys an uncluttered, untouched look, but there is more to this cool kitchen than meets the eye! The hidden sink (so contemporary, done in white) is awesome, topped by a removable prep area and complete with a telescopic faucet that retracts when not in use. The downdraft vent hood doesn’t take countertop space, appearing only when needed, and the electric cooktop is perfectly flat with the counter. Continue Reading