Red And White Apartment Decoration

Apartment is using a mix of red and white in decorating his office. Combined bold, red and white makes a modern and stylish impression. Maybe you can make additional ideas for decorating your residence room. This red and white stylish apartment decoration located at Tel Aviv.

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Kitchen Storage Unit – Choose The Right One

There are many suppliers of kitchen units who offer a vast choice of styles, colors and individual shapes. Care is needed if you decide to mix units from different suppliers, since they are not all interchangeable.

The commonest material used for these units is particleboard, with special fixings supplied. The quality of the board varies, with the higher priced units generally being made with better grades or with solid wood.
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Spring Table Decoration Ideas

Special for those who love spring weather and crazy in natural aspect, this contemporary spring table setting design is a must to see. Design by Pottery Barn and Vista Alegre, the most attractive designer in furniture, this unconscious product will give fresh and natural atmosphere in your dining room. Special for tea and coffee table by Pottery Barn, we can see the warm brown wood material cover by the pattern of floral and animal. This product was special design for the big family who love to share the warm spring weather when June comes.

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Retro Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchens then used bold colors like yellow, blue and jadeite green with checkerboard floors and vivid patterns. Also prominent were the painted cabinets, glass knobs, vintage linens and conspicuous electrical appliances that were meant to be used for long periods. In those days, the throwaway mentality was unheard of and people preferred to repair and re-use rather than replace.

Rare as they come, there are actually a few terrific websites out there that are dedicated to documenting and digitizing past kitchens. Antique Home Styles is one such website and we would highly recommend them if you are on the look out for such kitchens. Here are a few snaps from their collection:

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Kitchens from Logoscoop

There are so many companies now that specialise in kitchen design. The difference with Logoscoop lies in the fact that they don’t restrict themselves with what is popular rather they respond to each design brief individually and try to reflect the end user’s personality in the design. They pay attention to the lifestyle and habits of the each client, allowing for a higher level of detail.

The kitchens in themselves are functional and modern. Each one is an unusual ‘one-of-a-kind’ creation.

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Classic Italian Kitchen Design

We love the traditional style and the modern features of this classic Italian kitchen design by Arca. The Prestige Rialto kitchen is bursting with details, all white with upper and lower cabinets adorned in gold and silver accents. Beyond all the glitz and gold, this Italian kitchen is well organized, offering plenty of storage space and putting all your gourmet essentials close at hand. For the entertainer at heart, the elegant Pristige Rialto collection even extends to a bar, perfect for the host with the most. This classic kitchen design is hand made in Italy.

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