Country Style Hallway Design

Country Style Hallway Design – Country style at its heart is an open, comforting, natural look. Vintage pieces and natural materials evoke images of life out where there is more land than people. English country style features neutral and pastel colors, in combination with the bare wood.

Hallways by nature are transitions. They serve to link together the various rooms of a house and are usually given only a passing thought. With hallway decorating less is more, but function and fashion can go hand in hand to achieve a comfortable inviting look.


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How To Decorate Your Hallway Successfully

How you can decorate your hallway successfully? A home hallway, the pathway within – can be quite long or may be less than eight feet but it always leads people into your house and often generates the first impression. Decorating the hallway for maximum efficiency and use begins with good planning.

What to avoid when decorate your hallway?

If there is one thing a homeowner should avoid when choosing a decorating style for their hallway it is color arrangements that make the hallway appear smaller and darker. If the color scheme in a hallway is too dark, it can take on a tomb-like aura. It may also be a safety problem unless sufficient lighting is readily available in all areas of the length of the hall.

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Mud Room Features You’ll Love

With the housing market still limping back from the brink, most people are continuing to renovate and improve their existing homes rather than purchase new ones. This means re-purposing old space to suit new needs, and adding on rooms to accommodate growing families. According to a 2012 American Institute of Architects (AIA) Home Design Trends Survey, one room that is increasing in popularity is the so-called “mud room.”

Mud rooms come in many forms, but they usually have a few main features in common with a living room. One, they always connect directly to the outside, and two, they always feature designs that maximize storage space. There’s virtually no limit to what one can do with a mud room, but the best ones are well-planned, well-designed and well-thought out.

If you’re thinking of adding a mud room to your house or turning an existing space into a mud room, here are a few ideas that you and your family will love.

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How To Organize A Mudroom?

Every home needs a spot where you can corral clutter and drop off your coat, bags, and muddy shoes. That’s the reason why we have a mudroom. A mudroom is a necessity as it acts as a transition point in your home; the transition from the outdoors to the indoors. A mudroom is supposed to get dirty; it’s a space for stripping off wet, sweaty or dirty clothing and shoes so you don’t have to drag them through the rest of your home.

Today a mudroom is situated near the primary entrance way off the family rooms. Due to the constant family traffic, the area has a tendency to be repository of clothes, coats, shoes, umbrellas, books bags and various other articles like sports equipment and rock collections to name a few. The entrance way area also collects a lot of dirt. Designing a mudroom takes the multipurpose function of the room into consideration and provides for its many uses.

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Hallway & Stairs Makeover

Hallway is a hard room to make attractive – more often than not it’s simply used as a dumping ground for coats and shoes. Giving the hallway and stairs a makeover is a job theat most people put off for as long as possible. The job causes disruption throughout the house and takes longer than almost any similar sized room to decorate. In most houses the hallway and stairs are central to the home, so it is time to get down to it today.

This is a job that has been waiting for you for a long time, so you might as well do it properly, not just a lick of paint. It is time for a complete and total renovation of this important area of your home. It should be a space in its own right, rather than just a corridor that people pass through. Planning is the key to this, as it is to any makeover.

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Hall Decorating Ideas

We don’t think about it often on how to arrange the hall. But it is worth looking more closely at the room that meets so many functions in our apartment. When you arrange a hall, we should pay attention to both its functionality and the aesthetics. Unfortunately, usually it is not so simple. Hallways in the apartments are usually small, nieustawne, narrow and dark. Therefore, it is difficult to manage such an interesting space.

Entrance is after all a business card and the promise of what we will see later in the apartment. It is worth to think over the placement of equipment, choice of colors and effective lighting.

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