Designing A Small Bathroom

Designing A Small Bathroom – There are a number of great design tips you can take on board to create a comfortable and spacious design with limited space in your bathroom. The first is looking for a small bathroom sink. When it comes to your smaller designs, you need to think outside of the box to maximize on floor space and you can do this with a corner sink. Rather than taking up space along the wall and leaving you with limited room to move, you can invest in a small bathroom sink that mounts on the wall in the corner of the bathroom to give you more space and enable you to move around with ease.

Use light colors in your design. You cannot expect a small bathroom sink to create a comfortable space on its own, you will want to focus on using whites and very light colors.

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Vintage Bathroom Design

Vintage Bathroom Design – Porcelain tile floors, art decor light fixtures, built in linen cupboards and a hot water heated tile bar are some of the items that could typically be seen in a bathroom that has been converted to the vintage motif.

Coloring in the bathroom design are often green or pink as these are the colors that were used in the vintage era. These are considered to be retro nineteen twenties colors. This gives a strong sense of what bathrooms were like in those days. White wall hung sinks look the part in conjunction with all the other accessories in the bathroom. Add to this selected polished chrome faucets. Plumbing can be left visible or concealed as per the homeowners choice.



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Eco-Friendly Bathroom Design

One of the top interior design trends for the last few years is to include eco-friendly features in bathroom remodels and new bathrooms. Many people however are looking for ways to have an entirely eco-friendly bathroom and not just a few items here or there. Here are the top ways to build an environmentally-friendly bathroom.

1. The first obviously is to be conscious of water flow. There are three areas in the bathroom that consume water: the toilet, the shower and the sink. Toilet water flow can be controlled with the European style low-flow flush toilets. There are two water flow options, one for low-flow and one for full-flow. Most shower nozzles come with a ring in them that reduces the water flow.

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Bathroom Fittings And Decorations

Bathroom Fitting And Decorations – No bathroom is complete without the inclusion of bathroom fittings and decorations. Without the addition of such bathroom accessories your bathroom would simply look barren and bare and would simply be an open space consisting of toilet and bath.

When it comes to decorating the bathroom many people go to extreme measures to make the room in to an appealing paradise. However, there are some aesthetically pleasing bathroom fittings that should always be considered, without these essential accessories in this consistently utilized room you would not be able to kick start your day being clean and refreshed.

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Going Green In The Bathroom

Going Green In The Bathroom – Have you ever planned to renew your tiny space with some of today’s hottest eco-friendly trends in bathroom designs? Remember, eco-friendly can also be eco-pretty, as you discover ways to get back to nature and save money with energy efficiency throughout your home. Natural elements and lots of color can give you a complete bathroom makeover with very little expense. Let’s take advantage of Mother Earth and look at ways to embrace her beauty and going green.

When we say ‘going green’ we mean literally, as frosted pastel colors are absolutely the hottest colors of the year. Elusive blue, silvery green, or earth colors are calming hue and easily makes you feel the warmth and gentle breezes of a tropical paradise.

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A Corner Bathroom Cabinets

A Corner Bathroom Cabinets – A lot of homes will do better with cabinets of different sizes occupying various positions of the house. These pieces of furniture will be used to store various items, but this is not all they will do as the cabinets can also add color and beauty to our homes. These furniture items can also be used in our bathrooms. You can situate a corner bathroom cabinet in a junction space close to your bathroom, using this to keep shampoos, pastes, soaps or similar bathing accessories, with all your family members having his/her own drawer.

Although bathrooms can be one of the locations in your home with the smallest available space, there exist a number of compact designs of this cabinet that should suit this area of your home quite well.

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