Interior Design Trends 2016

Interior Design Trends 2016 – This year calls for a new look. Remodel your kitchen. Redecorate your family room. Add some glamour and elegance to your bedroom. Don’t sit still; change something about your living space. Make it modern and new. The 2016 trends for interior design are exciting; here’s how you can use them to put a new face on your living space.


The color trend for 2016 is drama. While certain color families are appearing more frequently – purples and pinks or milky blues, for example – the common theme as it relates to color is drama. Use bold colors to make bold statements.

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Ethnic Home Decor Guidelines

Ethnic Home Decor Guidelines – Ethnic decor is filled with endless options to spice up your living space. However, you may wonder, what is ethnic decor.

“Ethnic decor is more a feeling than a science,” says Marcelo Velez of the interior design firm Velez Hayes in New York City. “When you say modern, country, French, etc… an instant picture comes to mind. Ethnic decor is different. Many cannot define it, but know it when they see it.”

This open-ended approach is what makes ethnic decorating fun. It’s eclectic, inclusive, colorful and most of all, unique. It allows you to fill in blanks for yourself, using an internal palette to satisfy decorating needs.

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Living In A Studio Apartment

Living in a studio apartment may limit you physically, but it doesn’t have to cramp your imagination. What you can or cannot do with your living room design is entirely in your hands. In fact, if you want to turn your living room into beach front property, that is entirely possible.

If you already have an aquarium, why not take advantage of that and turn it into a theme? A potted palm tree is surprisingly affordable and looks great inside. If you lay down a large section of artificial turf, the effect of the tree is enhanced ten-fold. A huge backdrop in the form of a beach painting will turn your studio apartment into a tropical hideaway.

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Interior Design Trend 2016: Nature In Your Home

Interior Design Trend 2016: Nature In Your Home – In general, bathrooms and kitchens specifically are inspired by nature, and draw from its source. However, the abundance of lush vegetation is definitely a trend in 2016 but not only in bathrooms – in the focus of designers is the increased introduction of green plants and environmentally-friendly homes altogether. Urban gardens in the areas outside of the buildings and even inside of the living premises are strong presence lately. This is happening because in the focus of architects and designers is the welfare of the residents and the healthiest and most naturally suited house arrangement. Bring nature closer to your home is not only beautiful, calming and enriching the spiritual life of the inhabitants experience but is also a practical solution to some problems.

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Scandinavian Christmas Home Style

Scandinavian Christmas home style, always serene and often understated, can bring timeless elegance to your home during Christmas time. It is particularly true when it is lit by candlelight and filled with sweetly scented flowers and simple red and white decorations.

If you decide to decorate your home in this simple style for Christmas, you should know that it would instantly bring lots of light and warmth into the home, which is so much needed at a time in the year when days become too short and summer days seem to be too far away.

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Walensee House By K M Architektur

K M Architektur have designed this stunning family home in Switzerland; the location alone of this contemporary house in a small village called Unterterzen, with a magnificent view of lake Walensse and the mountains of Churfürsten is breathtaking. The property which is located on the slope of a green meadow offered the conditions to realize the floating design which captivates through its clear form and the use of natural and eco-friendly materials using concrete, glass and wood as structural material. The architects have maximized the use of natural materials so that the home nestles comfortably amongst the dramatic landscape, bold enough to matter but humble enough to not seek to steel Mother Nature’s limelight.

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