Makeover A Living Room With A Victorian Style

Makeover A Living Room With A Victorian Style – Victorian decorating is considered one of the most indicated of all the different interior decorating styles that you can choose from. The reason for this is because the colors, fabrics, furniture and decorations are all elaborate and full. Continue Reading

Scandinavian Home Style

The style started developing back in the 1950s and 60s, a lot of Scandinavian homes were traditionally small and due to the lack of space, they didn’t allow for extravagant amounts of decorative items. A stripped back style where all furniture had a purpose went on to inspire the world, and many people try to recreate this look in their own homes even today. Continue Reading

Decorate Home With Asian Style Furniture

Asian furniture is always a consideration in interior decoration and individual pieces of furniture, antiques and artefacts are sought after from countries such as India, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Japan. Asian furniture, whether new or antique, brings color and life to homes decorated in any style. Even in modern homes, Chinese dynasty pieces or intricately carved statues from India can fit in perfectly with the decor.

Asian cultures take great pride in their diversity and distinguished histories, and these values are quite apparent in even the smallest piece of oriental furniture. When designing a modern interior, the process usually involves looking at Japanese furniture which is extremely functional and minimalist in nature.

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