Yellow Color In Home Decorating

There are many meaning for the color yellow, the most obvious ones being sunny, warm and radiant.Yellow is the color of sun, that’s why people think it can save them from depression and attempt to use it in the interior to lighten up the mood. Yellow is the color of sunshine. It denotes happiness and joy.

Yellow is an awesome color to use in interior design: use it in moderation and in combination with other colors to achieve powerful effect. Yellow color in the interior of residential and office space can be as basic or secondary, retreating into the background. When using yellow you must take into account personal preference and the age factor, because it is considered that the yellow color and its shades rather difficult to admit older people.

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Green Color In Home Decorating

The reason that green is a great color for interior decorating is because it’s like a neutral color. It is the color of nature, grass, trees… Green is a restful color, often associated with wealth. Green color is thought of as traditional – the green and red of Christmas ornaments and decorations.

Using the color green in interior design is a bit of a challenge – green is one color that can really go wrong on walls and fabrics. This is because the natural greens we have around us are never just one color. Even a small blade of grass contains several hues of green. So if you can see trees and lawns from the window, a solid green wall color might look a bit fake by comparison.

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Timeless Damask Wallpapers

Damask is the name given to the fabric on which figures are weaved in such a way that they form a pattern. The fabrics most often used for creating damask are cotton, linen, wool, silk and synthetic fibers. The term damask initially referred to decorative, attractive and patterned silk fabrics that were opulently woven in different colors, and sometimes also with gold, silver and other threads made from metals.

Nowadays, damask weaves are generally produced in silk, linen, cotton or synthetic fibers with various woven patterns like fruits, flowers, animals and other traditional and contemporary designs.

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Red Color In Home Decorating

Recognized as a stimulant, red is inherently exciting and the amount of red is directly related to the level of energy perceived. Use red to grab attention and to get people to take action! Red draws attention and a keen use of red as an accent can immediately focus attention on a particular element. There are various shades of the color red: scarlet, crimson, vermillion, carmine, maroon, burgundy, ruby, rose, madder, rouge, brick, blood red, blush, fire engine red, cinnabar, russet, rust, Venetian red, flame, Indian red, tomato.

Red is a powerful color, perfect for the dining room, and making a huge comeback for living rooms as bold accents of red make a very assertive statement of style.

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Unfinished Style Of Family Room

Painting is not the absolute case. Whitewash only cement wall makes the family room look more simple, but still unique. The combination of paint is not an absolute thing to make the family room more beautiful and interesting. Unfinished surfaces seem industrial but fit right in with modern’s celebration of purity of materials. The wall is only coated with a layer of cement without the use of paint makes the family room appear more modest, but still remains unique and interesting. As a reference you can use the following family room for example.

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