Black Color: Trendy Color 2016

Black Color: Trendy Color 2016 – Black color can be used in the interior design – it is just important to know in what doses. This year, black is very popular color in home decorating (Pantone 19-4006 TCX caviar, Sherwin-Williams Domino SW 6989, Behr’s Black Pearl T16-01).

What color goes best with black color? If you prefer not flashy calm interiors, you can combine it with different shades of gray. This can create either cold or warm feeling depending on different textures and tones. In the rooms intended for rest (bedrooms), it is better not to use the powerful contrasts of black with red, yellow or orange. To add some intrigue to the interior dim the bright color with the help of white and black.

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How to Use Neutral Colors In Interior Design?

How to Use Neutral Colors In Interior Design? Some people just don’t like to be overwhelmed with color. Usually their home has beautiful white walls, and their wardrobe consists of wearing khaki on a daily basis. Although some people will immediately think of ‘dull and uninteresting’ when presented with the idea of neutral colors, a neutral color palette can be very comforting, uncomplicated, sophisticated, polished, and more. Decorating with neutrals can take a variety of directions and the result is anything but boring.

If you decide that a neutral color palette is the color scheme for your decorating project, what you are saying is that your selections will be primarily composed of white, off-white, beige, tan, khaki, gray, black and other similar colors. So now that you have made that decision, what is your next step?

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Pantone Color Trends For Interiors 2016

Pantone Color Trends For Interiors 2016 – This year could turn out to be either colorful or boring, depending on which set of color experts you want to listen to, and how you want to interpret their interior design ideas into your own home, design work and/or color palettes.

On the one hand, beautiful, blushy pastels that build on the enduring popularity of neutrals will be prevalent. On the other hand, watch for a trend toward more vibrant colors, tidbits of neon and electric hues. Blues and greens take centre stage this year (try them in an ombre wash feature wall), infusing rooms with some seaside cool. Use these colors over hard surfaces, like brick, to soften a space.

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Choose The Olive Green Color For Your Interior

Choose The Olive Green Color For Your Interior – Stylized, elegant shades of neutral colors are very trendy and widely used for walls and home decor. It may surprise, but green also can be neutral, balanced and stylish. We are not talking about dark green tones, that we remember from public buildings back in 1980s, such are schools and hospitals. New neutral green, especially olive green, is the color full of freshness and can match well with traditional or contemporary furniture.

The green color was always attractive because it symbolizes the nature, and green spaces creates better, calming mood in the households or work spaces. It is the color of positive energy. You can’t make a mistake choosing the natural green for your interior.

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The Most Fashionable Interior Colors

The Most Fashionable Interior Colors – On the market can be found hundreds of options and that is if you like to stick to one specific brand. It may seems impossible to decide about the perfect color. That’s why we create a list of the most wanted colors for this season. Maybe you weren’t thinking about these shades before, but those who know them just can’t stop to use them.

If you think you may need a professional advise, check out this five ideas. Using this guidance, you’ll find yourself in a modern and sophisticated interior.

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How To Paint A Small Room?

How To Paint A Small Room? Before you start painting you need to decide whether you intend your new decorating job to reflect the focal point of your room or whether you prefer it to be a background that brightens up your walls but allows your focus to be caught by pictures and furnishing. It is not always necessary to stick with pastel colors when painting small rooms: you can use a blue with a bold hue or a yellow that is deep and rich. Either of these colors will reflect light and make your room appear larger. Whatever you do, avoid reds and rich purples as these two colors will absorb light rather than reflect it back and your room will feel quite claustrophobic. Another guaranteed way to make your room feel closed in is to paint your ceiling in a dark color: either leave it white, or paint it a paler shade of the color you use for your walls. The best way of all to make your room look larger is to make the most of natural light.

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