5 Tips to Choosing the Right Paint For Your Walls

Painting is a fast, easy, and affordable way to give your house a breath of fresh air. It’s also a great way of redecorating your home if you’re looking to put it on the market. But your choice of paint is about more than just color.

You also have to make important decisions when it comes to factors like the type of paint and its finish. That’s because the finish will have a major effect on the final feel and character of your home. With more than five paint finish options to choose from, you might have a tough time settling on the perfect choice for each room.   Continue Reading

Geometric Patterns Will Be Hot In 2018!

Geometric patterns will be hot in 2018! Geometric patterns and motifs rule today’s world of interior design. When combined with different geometric and other elements of home decor, such as floral patterns, they look unique in the best way. Geometric trend fits in Scandinavian, modern and minimalist styles perfectly. However, it can also be applied in more traditional interiors and look equally beautiful, but also surprising. Geometry does not necessarily imply symmetry, but symmetry can be a part of geometric motifs around the home.

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Using Everyday Objects As Home Decor

Using Everyday Objects As Home Decor – When decorating your home on a budget, nothing is a more effective budget decorating strategy than using what you have. You can use everyday objects found around your own home to add decorative elements. Here are the top five ways to reuse everyday objects as decorative items in any room, on a budget.

Plates. Lets’ face it, when most of us choose our dinnerware, we pick out patterns we like! Use your dessert plates as accents hung on the wall, or use your serving bowls as a focal point on the dining table.

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5 Tips to using high-end art to improve the look of a room

You’ve done most of the decorating in your home, but now you want to take it up a notch. One of the best ways to improve the overall look of a room is to post some art in it. High-end art will instantly add elegance to a room, not to mention it can make for an interesting conversation piece.

For tips on how to maximize the effect of high-end art in any room in the house, read and follow the tips below. Continue Reading

Home Decorating With Baskets

Home Decorating With Baskets – Baskets are often overlooked yet very useful pieces of home decor. They’re versatile things that come in a wide variety of materials, colors and sizes to suit your decorating needs. They can blend in with many kinds of decor as well as provide some extra storage to your home. Here are some smart and unexpected ways to use your baskets to maximize their form and their function.

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