The Most Common Decorating Mistakes

There are hundreds of errors you can make in decorating your home. You can be well ashamed if don’t receive a positive reaction from your friends after showing them your house. Luckily, these ‘mistakes’ can be corrected easily – all you need is a bit of planning ahead to avoid mistakes at all. Though everybody has its own taste and personal style, you will be surprised to find out what are the biggest mistakes of all times.

Too much is… well… just too much!

The first mistake everyone has done at least once – it is usual that some of the décor pieces you use too often and too much. That means that you have used all cushions you have and put them on the bed, you put lots of picture frames all around your house and your shelves are crammed with various figurines and souvenirs from holidays.

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Care For Paintings

Paintings can be adversely affected by sunlight, heat and air pollution. With one or two obvious exceptions, such as not siting pictures above an open coal or log fire, there is not much that can be done about the last of these. But care can be taken with the first two.

Protection against sunlight. When hanging pictures, make sure they are not going to be hit by direct sunlight. Watercolors and pastels are particularly vulnerable to fading; oils, to a lesser extent. Once faded, the color cannot be restored. A good place to hang pictures is on a wall between two windows, as long as shafts of sunlight cannot hit the painting through gaps at the sides of curtains or blinds.

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Modern And Postmodern Decorating Styles

When designing a room or an entire house full of rooms, modern and postmodern are two decorating styles with very different looks and interior design ideas that are very popular today. These are two distinct styles of interior design that can be used to create beautiful and stylish rooms for clients. But which style to use?

The artistic movement of modernism began in late 19th century Europe. At the time, Europe was undergoing industrialization, a process which radically transformed where and how people lived. Life was rapidly moving from small towns and farms to larger cities and smaller living spaces. This lifestyle change gave way to the modernist movement in design.

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Keeping Your Carpets In Good Condition

Carpets are extremely popular flooring options all around the world. The reason is the extensive varieties of carpets available in the market as well as since carpets are extremely easy to install as well. But if you think carpets are easier to maintain than other various flooring options, you are a little mistaken there. It is not exactly difficult to maintain carpets but like every other flooring options, carpets too have a particular set of rules that you must follow to keep you carpets in good condition for a long time.

Just keeping your carpets clean by dusting regularly is not enough since that way the carpet might be cleaned but it would loose its initial luster and become dull looking.

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Feng Shui In Your Bedroom

We spend a big part of our life sleeping, so it is very important to have good feng shui for our bedroom. Believe it or not, your bedroom has an impact on the way you sleep and this is a significant factor in staying healthy, happy and accumulating wealth. We must make sure that our bedroom is a safe haven to prevent distracting and powerful chi from disturbing you. Here are 10 feng shui tips for your bedroom:

1. Ceiling beams in a bedroom is a big ‘no no’ for feng shui purpose as they disturb the flow of ch’i. They should be avoided in all the rooms but especially the bedroom. What will happen? They block the flow for energy to circulate and also cause financial problems.

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Country Decorating Styles

What features compel us to decide upon a particular decorating style? The process begins with what we want our home to feel like and what we want out of the environment, in which we spend our quality time. Being with our families, enjoying time with friends, sitting in a cozy chair with a great book and favorite drink – these are the things we think of when imagining our time at home. If you ask anyone what words best describe country decorating style, they would say warm and cozy. Having family and friends feel welcome and relaxed when visiting is important. Visitors don’t want to feel like they can’t sit on the sofa or kick off their shoes. The country decorating style, in its simplistic, yet beautiful appearance, achieves this objective.

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